The first time a person looks at you and even talks to you he or she forms an impression of who you are and what you are about. You are the one who gives credibility to what that person thinks and contrary to popular belief it is difficult to change. The first impression is a lasting impression so if you make an impression on another person when you are having a bad day that impression unfortunately will follow you throughout the entire time that you are acquainted with that person.

You can change the impression that others have of you over time but in order to change them you will have to display consistent sustained behavior which is different from that first experience.

One mistake that many women make is to attempt to get attention by using their bodies as eye candy. Yes this will definitely get more attention from men but remember that quality is better than quantity. Men are visual beings so we are aroused by the things that we see. When a man sees a woman who is displaying much of her body he sees her as a sex thing. This will always be his base of orientation. Yes you will get much more attention than a woman who dresses conservatively but it won’t necessarily be the type of attention that you need.

Yes he will talk to you and maybe even shower you with affection but remember that true affection will not be based on the way that your body looks. The reaction to your physical appearance is called lust. This only means that he sees you as an object for his pleasure. If this is the attention that you desire than more power to you but the one who waits will get the true prize.

Physical appearance is the first thing that people see so it is vitally important that you maintain a good appearance at all times. Now if you are like me God may not have blessed you with the greatest looks in the world but that’s OK. The thing that attracts most people is a clean healthy body. Eat right and exercise to maintain good health. You don’t have to try to look like Superman and no one realistically expects you to. Take care of your body and skin. A healthy body radiates good health and has a type of attractiveness which is distinguishable from the attractiveness of good looks

You need to keep your body clean at all times. Cleanliness speaks volumes about your personal character. You don’t have to wear loud smelling perfumes but good natural scented oils or lotions give you an appeal which is down to earth and not phony. Oils are better because they don’t have any added alcohol or solvents to make them have a stronger fragrance.

People will appreciate good natural and a wholesome appearance much more than they will respect good looks which helps to bring me to the second part of this article.

Once you have made the favorable physical impression you can easily blow it by the first words that come out of your mouth. Part of the first impression that we make on people is determined by their first interaction with us. Have you ever seen a person who appeared to have it all together but as soon as they began to speak you knew that they were just not what they seemed to be at all. The same applies to you in the way that you treat others. Your conversation tells the story of what and who you are. When in doubt just keep your mouth closed. Talk freely and easily and without an agenda. You don’t have to pretend to be something different. Be yourself. If you speak with a drawl or accent so be it. People will detect when you attempt to be something other than what you are and respond to it with a negative impression. The Good Life

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