If you have never smoked weed before, you might have some questions and even a bit of hesitation. But for as long as you are armed with the right strategies, smoking cannabis for the first time can be an enjoyable and even a memorable experience. After doing the necessary prep work, here are the things that you can expect as you smoke weed to help you have a positive first experience.

Expect Quick and Intense Results

Compared to other methods, smoking weed delivers a more immediate effect, so prepare yourself for a quick hit. Inhaled cannabinoids pass through the lungs directly into the bloodstream and into the brain. On the other hand, edibles and tinctures go through the liver first so their effects take longer to feel. THC is the main cannabinoid that produces the cannabis high. Other cannabinoids and terpenoids contributes to weed’s benefits through the entourage effect. Meanwhile, CBD aids in modulating the THC high. High THC strains with high CBD offer tempered psychoactive effects, while high THC strains with low CBD give a potent psychoactive effect.

Be Prepared to Cough

If you are not used to smoking, be prepared to cough the first time you inhale cannabis smoke. In fact, even experienced weed consumers can also cough when they smoke joints or blunts. Remember that marijuana is a plant matter containing moisture, so expect smoke to be thick and cough-triggering when combusted. The ash produced with the smoke also causes coughing. For some people, the combination of smoke and coughing cause headaches. These usually subside quickly but should be considered for those who are looking for migraine relief. However you smoke weed for the first time, some coughing is an expected side effect.

Do Not Focus on the High

There are some people who consume weed for the sole purpose of getting high and experience the things that they usually see on people smoking cannabis in movies and TV shows. However, many are not aware that you do not have to get high to experience its therapeutic benefits. This is one of the main reasons why non-psychoactive CBD is considered as a potential treatment for a wide range of ailments, including pain, inflammation, insomnia and anxiety disorders. There is no need for you to get high just to receive the health benefits from using this plant.

Know What is Happening

Some consumers report that CBD produces a mild psychoactive effect, while others find that the effect of one strain is different from another even when the THC and CBD ratio is the same. Keep in mind that the same marijuana product affects people in different ways. Each strain has different terpenoid and cannabinoid concentrations that give influence on a particular strain’s tastes and effects. Generally, indica strains product a relaxed and sleep effect. Meanwhile, sativas product an energetic and sociable high. Both of them induce the munchies, but sativas with high THC content have appetite suppressant qualities.

You might feel mellow after smoking your first weed, or you might experience a sudden surge of energy. It is almost impossible to product how marijuana will affect you the first time you consume it. Still, some factors, like strain and cannabinoid concentration levels, can give some clues. At the end of the day, what is important is that you have a positive experience.

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