Okay so guess you are a beginner. One day you were going through a road. And besides that road, you noticed a pond or something like that where actually fishes actually live. So you saw a boy fishing there and catching fishes one by one. And in your mind, your sweet soft mind was bothering you and was making you excited about that fishing, as you knew nothing about fishing.
Okay, so that time is over. We are here to make you known to all the thing about fishing which you need when you are to start fishing on your own.
So things you need to start fishing –
 Rod and Reel – So first of all Reel, spin casting reels are best and too much good for beginners because these can cast easily and even it can handle fishes up to 20 pounds. No, it is rod’s time. If you are to take a longer rod then it’s actually up to you the controlling matter. So it is better to bring a 5 feet something or a 6feet one. It is better, when you are a beginner, as it is a perfect size for all kind of heightened people. You may go for either a Telescopic fishing rod or a collapsible fishing rod. Because both of them are best for any period either starter or an advanced level one.
 Fishing Line - Now it is also an important one. You may go for monofilament type than any others in the market as it is much durable and stronger than any other.
 Hooks - Time to hook you up with the fish he he he. Funny though. So circle hooks are better. And try to pick up a size 6 hook. These are almost optimal for any size of fishes as you are a starter. These circle type hooks don’t end up in the stomach instead just stick to a corner of fish’s mouth. And these are easy when you are in removing process.
 Sinkers- You may find Small crimp-on split-shot sinkers and some others, but these are very easy to add or remove and steady also.
 NEEDLE-NOSE PLIERS - You will need this one to remove the hook from the mouth of a fish. You may find lots of variety of these. Just choose what you like, as all these work the same.
 SCISSORS-Sometimes you will need this tool to cut the line.
 Baits - These are such things which actually attract fishes.
 Tackle box -Take one small tackle box that fits in your backpack. It will carry your important needy things when you are in need.
 Boober - Noob guys actually make a mistake like they always use a boober that is bigger. But the smaller the boober is the better you can detect strikes.
 Sunscreen - Keep one sunscreen with you because sometime you may get burned while sitting to make fish in your bag.
 Fishing License-This is the most important things. In some states, it requires having a fishing license for any age. And in some states it requires nothing. So consult about your state laws.

So we are done. These are the things which actually you will need when you are a novice in fishing or a beginner.

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