 An anal Fistula ( Bhagandar/Fistula in ano ) is a little channel that creates between the finish of the inside and the skin around the rear-end. It much of the time is the aftereffect of a past or current butt-centric ulcer. Fistula has a tract with two openings - Internal opening into the rectum or anal canal and External opening through the skin of the backside.
 Fistulas develop when an organ becomes inflamed or injured.
 Here we now treat you with the best and advanced method for curing your anal fistula without any cuts and wounds. Jyoti Nursing Home proctology team introduces to you Rajasthan’s first German laser for anal fistula. This German laser treatment benefits you with one day procedure without wasting your couples of working days. The power of laser gives you painless process, faster recovery, minimum chances of recurrence.
 Discharge of pus from an opening around anus.
 Pain around anus
 Swelling
 Bleeding
 Diarrhea
 Skin excoriation
 External opening
You’re more likely to develop a fistula if you have:
 Cancer
 Radiation Treatment To Your Abdomen
 A Bowel Obstruction
 Surgical Suture Problems
 Incision Site Problems
 An Abscess
 An Infection
 A Hematoma, Or Blood Clot Under Your Skin
 A Tumor
 Malnutrition
 Not very many anal fistulas recuperate without anyone else's input and the main successful remedy for a constant butt-centric fistula is surgery.
 Surgery is usually necessary to treat an anal fistula as very few heal by themselves.
 Fistulas can be of many types depending on which side of anus the infection occurred.
 We have a team of experts headed by Dr. Jaya Maheshwari who are dedicatedly involved in diagnosing and advising the proper treatment for the individual type of fistula.
 The investigations advised vary as to the type of fistula and can range from complete blood count and profile to MRI of the region in the complicated cases especially the recurrent ones.
 A name of Trust, Compassion and quality medical care Jyoti Nursing Home has been committed in providing the best possible patient care since 40 years.
 Dr. Jaya Maheshwari is Advance Proctology and laparoscopic Doctor/Surgeon in Jaipur and Director Jyoti Nursing Home, Jaipur. She also acts as the best Proctology and laparoscopic doctor in jaipur for performing all minimal invasive and the most advance techniques, like the STARR for severe constipation, STAPLERS and LASERS for Piles, fistula and fissures, various types of mesh repairs for all hernias and all general surgeries.

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