An anal Fistula ( Bhagandar/Fistula in ano ) is a little channel that creates between the finish of the inside and the skin around the rear-end. It much of the time is the aftereffect of a past or current butt-centric ulcer. Fistula has a tract with two openings - Internal opening into the rectum or anal canal and External opening through the skin of the backside.
Treatment Of Fistula
Not very many anal fistulas recuperate without anyone else's input and the main successful remedy for a constant butt-centric fistula is surgery.
Why get your fistula ( Bhagandar ) treated at Jyoti Nursing Home???
Being a 'Proctosurgeon',
Dr. Jaya Maheshwari has treated an expansive number of fistula cases. His aptitude is apparent from the way that he has productively overseen greatly troublesome instances of Complex fistulas and Recurrent fistulas ( those that have been unsuccessfully worked upon before ). He has effectively relieved uncommon instances of fistula, similar to those stretching out from rectum to midriff , rectum to crotch , rectum to tailbone.
Giving a catalyst to the current armamentarium for treating fistulas,Dr. Jaya Maheshwari has presented the Laser surgery FiLaC ( Fistula-tract Laser Closure ), the first of its kind in India. His perception in research and consistent post for advancement empowered him to devise a treatment he has named Distal Ligation Proximal Laser ( DLPL ) . This treatment is an advancement of Dr. Jaya Maheshwari herself and is a sphincter-sparing methodology with irrelevant repeat rate contrasted with every other procedure.

This is a surgery in which the fistula tract is totally extracted. Done under General anesthesia, the fistula tract is evacuated and the furrow that is shaped is abandoned to mend. This strategy conveys with it the danger of harm to the sphincter muscle bringing about fecal incontinence and is normally saved as a treatment alternative for Complex fistula.
At Jyoti Nursing Home, Laser is utilized as an assistant to Fistulectomy to limit the danger of harm to the sphincter muscle. In this way, with the additional favorable position of Laser, the odds of post-agent incontinence are insignificant.
This is an old Ayurvedic method in which an extraordinary string is utilized to treat the fistula. This string is covered with Ayurvedic preparations and is inserted into the fistula tract.
The local irritation caused by the soluble string causes synthetic cauterization prompting aggravation inside the track. Subsequently, the track starts to debride. A critical activity of the Ksharsutra is that it permits nonstop seepage of discharge and trash from the track. As all the tainted material is depleted, mending starts in a perfect situation.
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