Study after study has confirmed what we have known to be true forever; the home environment you grow up in, and the habits you are exposed to, become the habits of your adulthood. You may rebel against them for a decade, but they are the single most influential factor in the health status of adults in their 30s and beyond. This is just another reason why being a fit father is the right choice. You are doing more to ensure your children’s security in their adulthood than working overtime and putting money in a trust. Money they can always earn - health is something much harder to inherit.

What about the “Dad Body?”
If you hang out on social media at all you will see that there is a developing trend towards celebrating what is known as the “dad body.” This is about as healthy and functional as the drive to promote morbid obesity as just something we need to get past and accept. The dad body with its pot belly and soft arms is more a celebration of an impending stroke or heart attack. While you don’t have to be rock fit, don’t set the example for your kids of thinking that being out of shape is OK.

How do you fit it all in?
One common complaint is that there is never enough time to do it all. Especially once you have children, time for your own interests is at a premium. One of the best ways to handle this is to also include a part of your fitness training as an activity you can share with your child. What you don’t want them to see is that by being fit you can’t enjoy life or family, you want to set a great example of being will to share the things you love that are healthy with them. Many trainers can accommodate this with family sessions.

Creating training that you can share
One thing you should look for when you are reviewing the personal trainers upper West side listings is whether the trainer offers family sessions or event sessions. Many of the personal trainer Manhattan gyms also have family times in their schedule. This allows you to create special times with your kids where they get to train alongside you. Not only does it give you some needed quality time with the kids, but it also reinforces good habits. There is a difference between what a child will take away from an afternoon with a fit dad at a movie eating popcorn and an afternoon spent with their fit father sharing in a rock climbing workout.

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