Fitness is rightly said “the master key to happiness”. In the hum-drum of our lives, we often tend to ignore the most important aspect of a good well being i.e. our health. It is often said that a healthy mind exists in a healthy body, but surprisingly, in today’s time health has definitely taken a back seat in terms of priorities. A fit body is not only attractive but also helps to keep us healthy. People may often wonder, how can they achieve a certain level of fitness? And why they should strive to remain fit? Well, this article gives you the answers.
There are so many reasons why a person should start a fitness regime at the earliest. These reasons include being happy, healthy and stress free. Also, the kind of attractive body shape and flexibility that you get is a cherry on the cake. It has been seen that fit women often attract the attention of the onlookers. Well, those fit women photos that you see on a magazine cover, aren’t a work of effects. It takes a lot of hard work and strict fitness regime to have super fit bodies like that.

But, there is no need for you to envy those hot fit women, because anyone, yes you heard it right, anyone can have a super fit body like them. You just need the right guidance and place to start with your fitness regime. You can start by looking for a good fitness centre, club or a gym as these all serve the same purpose of training and or assisting people to stay fit. The fitness centers have many professional trainers who can guide you with your exercises. There is a huge variety of exercises one can take up, depending on the target area that needs toning. Popular fitness regimes include cardio, weight training, aerobics, strength training etc.

Many of you must be thinking about the benefits of joining a fitness center. A few of the following points shall enlighten you about this topic:
• The enormous range of gym equipment helps one to work out on each and every muscle of the body. You can use dumbbells, barbells, cables etc. basically the variety is enormous.
• By joining a fitness centre, you can be inspired by lots of people working around you. You can see yourself in others or aspire to have a body like those super fit women or men working out in your gym.
• Working out at your own place can definitely be boring. Sometimes all you need is a little push that comes with people around you. You can talk to people around you in gym and not to forget there is expert guidance with you, so that you don’t harm yourself.
Now, there are a lot of benefits of following a fitness regime at a gym, but there are a few cons as well, let us have a look:
• The gym or fitness club memberships might prove burdensome on your pocket. There is no doubt that gyms have the capability of replacing lazy and old women into fit women, but this is possible only when you have enough money to spend on the gym.
Fitness centers are known to be the home for millions of germs. Yes, the equipment- dumbbells, treadmills all are full of germs. So, unfortunately one uses these things at your own risk.
There are a lot of reasons why one should join a fitness centre, but most of all I wish to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle to those, specifically mommies and women out there whom find it difficult to get on the go.

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