1. Schedule your workouts! Book them in your day planner or phone just like you would for a doctor's appointment or Hair appointment.

2. Make your workouts shorter in length (20-25 minutes in length) so you stay consistent and committed to your weekly routine.

3. We all have heard this - park further
away form the mall and use the stairs instead of over crowded escalators or elevators!

4. Walk with friends and get caught up
on each others lives!

5. Just say NO to drive-thru and fast foods! It will just catch up with you later.

6. Work out while you watch TV and don't use the remote! Get up and change the channel!

7. Stretch while waiting in long holiday lines. (i.e. calves raises, neck tilts)

8. Take a hot bath after a long stay to reduce the tension. Add our bath salt recipe (½ cup of each - Epsom salts, baking soda, sea salts and add an essential oil of your choice)

9. Eat well! Focus on "clean foods" vs. the fast foods. Buy the prepared veggies and fruits to save time.

10. Use a speaker phone or cordless phone so you can be moving while you are talking!

11. Kick in the home chores! Make your home cleaning a workout! Scrubbing, washing, vacuuming at a faster pace and end with stretching.

12. Cheer yourself on - look in the mirror and say all the good things that are going to happen that day! Do this for three weeks. End it with a "love you" and watch the stress melt away!

Happy Holiday Season;
here's wishing you health and prosperity.

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To your health!
Jennifer Ettinger

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About Jennifer Ettinger, Owner of Fit Your Style
* Over 20 years of Creative experience in fashion, design and cosmetics - New York City , Grand Rapids and Toronto
* Masters Degree: Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
* Certified Personal Trainer
* Certified PiYo™ Instructor

My goal is to help women change their lives from the inside out. That’s what I did, and I created Fit Your StyleÒ to enable my customers to replicate my experience.

What makes me qualified to help others? I’m a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and a certified personal trainer over 20 years of creative experience in cosmetics, fashion and visual design in New York and Toronto with the prestigious Barney’s of New York, The Gap, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s Herald Square and Marshall Fields.

When I moved to Michigan, where I lived for ten years, I learned that my degrees in fashion and art weren’t enough to make me marketable. To complicate matters, several years earlier I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was forced to leave my job and was bedridden for 6 months. I used the time to read everything on the subject and I slowly reclaimed my life through healthy eating, exercise and meditation.

I was still re-building my health when we moved to Michigan. Quickly I figured out that all these experiences were giving me the opportunity to re-invent myself from the inside out. As I continued getting stronger, I began re-shaping the rest of my life. I brought together my background in fashion and cosmetics with new credentials and experience in fitness and health. Fit Your StyleÒ was born. My hope is that it helps provide you with the tools you need to re-invent as much of your own life you want to change.