Most people who work out do so all year. But do things like a change in the seasons affect your workout schedule? Actually, the seasons can help you bring some fresh changes to your routine and allow you to set reachable goals for yourself. As each new change in weather and sunlight brings a new season, it also modifies when and where you work out. If you use this different environment to your advantage, you can positively change your exercise schedule and refresh your workout.

Summer is obviously the brightest season, and it provides more hours of light to work out in the sunshine. There are also many more places you can go in the summertime. You can go to the beaches, rivers, streams and other great places to exercise. Cardio is easiest in the summer, and there are more places to practice it in comfort. Summer is definitely the time when you are most conscious about your body, and the least challenging time to get more accomplished.

During fall the summer heat fades, and the winter chill starts to affect your day. As mornings become colder and shorter, your body is less and less excited to get out and exercise. This is a great time to switch to indoor gyms and work on different types of equipment. You still have to try not to relax your workout too much, but you can calm down your routine a little and prepare for the harsh winter months.

Winter can easily be the most challenging season for people who actively work out. With the holidays and the increasingly cold weather, it can be a trial to stay fit and keep working out regularly. A few people convert unused spaces in their home like the garage or patio into winter workout stations, away from the biting cold. Others prefer going to the local gym instead of jogging around in the colder weather. Most people are of course worried about those holiday pounds gained in winter. The best way to avoid them is to try not to eat a lot of food in one place, unbalancing your stomach. A small amount of unhealthy food is manageable, but overeating can confuse your stomach.

Late winter often brings on Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, which according to the US National Library of Medicine, "..can make some people experience a serious mood change". Having an established exercise routine and nutrition plan will help you maintain a balanced mood level.

"Spring Cleaning" applies to almost anything, even your workout routine. With the fresh burst of sunlight you can break out of the winter blues and start exercising outdoors again. As animals and plants wake up, so do you. Your body is used to the dark and cold dreary effects of winter, so the beginning of spring can help reanimate your muscles and schedule. The transition between winter and spring can also result in increased metabolisms. Studies show that Daylight Saving Time and seasonal change actually make us more active and likely to enjoy exercise more.

The transition of the seasons is the perfect time to make modifications to your routine and create reachable goals for the future. You still have to watch out for winter and fall; fitness experts have repeatedly proven that it's harder to lose weight in the cold and dark seasons. But as weeks pass by and the weather changes, your workout routine can change for the better.

Take advantage of the opportunity to make different choices in your activities and nutrition, and get a healthy plan in place!

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Derin has years of experience in the personal training and fitness industries. Currently part of the successful team at San Diego Fitness, he has done everything from one on one training to fitness studio management to full time health consultant. A huge fan of San Diego and all it has to offer people living the fit lifestyle, Derin loves biking, hiking and grilling out. He has always believed in focusing on goals and powerhousing towards them.

"Keeping workout routines is key to making your exercise fun. Mix it up with different types of cardio, and don't always do the same thing every time. Your body should be stimulated with new movements and activities. This variation in routine is good for your long term mental health as well.

Everyone loves to eat delicious food, and if you plan ahead you can do it in a healthy way. I love to cook food inspired by cultures around the world, and especially like to find new flavors to compliment old favorites. The nutritional aspect of your health is key to having your fitness efforts be successful."

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