A fitness instructor is a sports teacher or sports teacher who gives fitness lessons to members of a fitness center, gym or other institution. Which specific fitness lessons a fitness instructor gives can vary per fitness instructor, because nowadays there are many different types of fitness, sports and exercises.

In addition, a fitness instructor can only be a supervisor who oversees the various athletes. How? By giving advice, supervising the correct posture and explaining the different fitness equipment to the athletes. Because there are many different fitness machines nowadays, it is important for fitness instructors to give clear explanations. With proper explanation, athletes can use the different fitness machines properly.

What Fitness Instructors Do?
A fitness instructor or trainer is one of the most common professions related to sport, because fitness is a popular sport activity for people of all ages. In short, fitness can best be described as a whole of sports and activities that can be performed within a fitness center. The profession of fitness trainer or fitness instructor nowadays comes in many different forms. Yes, you heard it right. This is not just limited to gyms, as it used to be.

These days we also know the personal trainer or the so-called bootcamp instructors available for group training, group fitness classes or personal health. It doesn't matter which name a fitness trainer uses, because they all do the same, namely training and guiding their clients for better health and physique.

It is true that the bootcamp or Group Exercise Instructor will train a lot outside the box to his clients and will not use devices such as those that occur within a gym or fitness center. A bootcamp instructor generally uses objects that can be found in the street scene, such as street furniture and tree trunks in a forest.

Who need a fitness trainer?
A fitness trainer is therefore a trainer who will guide people who want to exercise. The reason that someone wishes to exercise is further personal and may be different for everyone. It is not the case that fitness trainers only have to deal with people who are overweight. People who want to build muscular body or people who just need extra exercises for better exposure of their body also consider professional trainers. This often concerns older ones people who try to keep their muscles flexible through fitness.

As a group fitness instructor you can therefore have to deal with different target groups, so that a fitness trainer also has to deal with different training schedules. But still, the personal guidance is an important word in most cases. Despite the fact that exercise is very healthy, incorrect exercise can indeed lead to sports injuries, such as muscle pain and even chronic complaints. It also sometimes happens that starting athletes want to train too much and too hard, which is not advisable. In addition, especially the modern fitness equipment in gyms or group exercise centers are usually complicated by their many possibilities and especially the first time extra explanation will be needed.

Fitness is a sport activity that focuses specifically on improving general fitness, building muscle and burning fat. It is not like fitness is only focused on strength training, because cardio is also an important part of fitness. Cardio stands for cardiovascular training and is aimed at strengthening the heart and lungs, thereby building up a better condition. Cardio is useful for improving fitness and contributes to weight loss by burning calories. Cardio is, just like strength training, a popular sporting activity. Women in particular are often very active in cardio. Men more often opt for the power sport to, for example, build muscle.

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