Health is wealth. Everybody must have heard this age-old adage sometime. Few would have appreciated it for the striking rhyme it makes. Others would have listened it in a warning tone of worrying parents and grandparents. Some would have gone to an extent to insure watching every health channel available on cable TV and imbibe all the suggestions told. Health and Fitness news have their own share of viewers and audience. People follow Bollywood News to keep track on the moves of health conscious actors and actresses. All the latest news on health becomes the focus of such crowd. This crowd is mostly consisted of either old people or youngsters. Old people do this as precautions from physical ailments. Youngsters do it to maintain their good looks.

Health reasons can vary from person to person as per his needs. Yoga has been recognized all over the world for its benefits to health. Whatever can be the need, it can be the ultimate preventive measure fortifying health and maintaining it. Fitness news may brag about machines for workout and the result they give but all the hefty price tags can’t compare to this simple ritual of health. Late night channels showcasing world’s popular fitness freaks try to be as convincing as they can about all such machines. They still can’t compare the awareness people are acknowledging by changing their lifestyle a bit through Yoga.

Nevertheless, popular fashion magazines like Vogue, Runway, Fashion, etc never forget to cover Bollywood news. They even mention the moves and exercises famous people do to keep them fit. Fashion and fitness freaks never miss such issues. They are always in mode of accessibility if such topics are being discussed. The ways film stars lose their excessive pounds after completion of a project always comes across becoming latest news. Health is crucial, agreed. Still, fussing over it wears down patience and thus health along with it. Thanks to Marketing to save from more fuss of receiving unwanted. There is a term called target audience. Else everything would have become so much more cluttered without it.

Everything may seem overwhelming but it is in the market because some body out here is expecting it to be available for them. Reaching to wrong crowd is what creates issues. Nothing is worth to someone who doesn’t want that however precious that may seem to others. The same is with the Fitness News and also with the Bollywood news that always comes following it someway or the other. Latest is always hot. It becomes hotter when latest news is about celebs and their most wanted secrets of seemingly perennial health and beauty. Secrets are wealth, as every body knows. So remain healthy to become “wealthy”!

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