The amazing back support belt by Fitnez removes the stiffness from the muscles. It also relieves the body from back pain or sciatica pain. In case you have long sitting hours or you remain constantly engaged with tough body works then this belt is the perfect cure. You can wear it as long as you can and wherever you can. It pampers your muscles and eradicates the pain from them.

Product description

The fabric constitution of this belt is also dynamic. It is a combination of Neoprene and Nylon so that it can serve you for a long duration. The material also absorbs the excess sweat secreting from your body while you are working physically.

You can easily wear this belt even if you are in the office, gym, strolling or in the home.
It is composed of 80 % Neoprene and 20 % Nylon material.
The dimensions of this product are 39.4-3.9-0.4 inches.
This belt weighs around 5.6 ounces (shipping weight).
Relieving Factors

SUBTLE FIT AROUND THE WAIST – This support belt fits very comfortably onto your waist leaving no sign of mess. The shape of it is also subtle. Unlike other belts, it won’t bother you if you will wear it for a long time. It has two individual body straps and a hook providing easy attachment.

BREATHABLE COMPOSITION – You might get worried about the belt blocking your skin but don’t think much. It has a friendly polymer structure that will allow the penetration of air into your skin and you will not feel the void between the skin and belt.

FAVORABLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – It is understood that needs vary from individual to individual. We also don’t want to associate any risking factor with this supreme quality product hence you get 30 days money back policy with the purchase.

RELIABLE TO USE – This product is very simple to use and light-weighted too. It supports your lower back area of the body and makes sure it remains warm resembling with the body posture.

NO FISHY SMELL – The best part associated with this belt is that it doesn’t have a fishy smell. Most of the back support belts you see have some sort of foul smell but it is really a disappointment if you have to use the belt for a long time. Hence, feel free to buy this incredible product.

MAJOR PERK – Along with the belt, you also get a pouch bag.

SAFE PURCHASE – With this product, you are also receiving 30 days 100 % cash back guarantee.
Directions to use

Once this support belt is placed firmly over the waist you just have to initiate the movement with the stretchable straps attached with it. You have to fold the straps or overlap it and it will get fit to your waist gently.

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