Fitted wardrobes are incorporated into the design of a room.

Unlike freestanding wardrobes which do not make full use of space or enable customization, fitted wardrobes create more space and can also be tailored to suit an individual's lifestyle and room preferences.

Fitted wardrobes provide a simple way of boosting bedroom storage as they instantly create three times more space and can be available in finishes and sizes that suit all kinds of lifestyles.

Primary benefits of fitted wardrobes for bedroom include functionality, elegance and storage.

Below are some of the types of fitted wardrobes

Sliding door fitted wardrobe

  • They are typically created as basic frames that do not have back panels.
  • The inside is designed as carcass furniture and placed at the back of the sliding doors.
  • Pros include a simple design; they are practical for spaces that are restricted and are cheaper compared to other fitted wardrobes.
  • Cons can include the need for consistent cleaning of the mirror on the sliding doors, and they can sometimes be hard to fit correctly.
  • Full Carcass Fitted Wardrobes

  • These are made with a base, two sides, a top, and a back panel. When doors open they expose a wardrobe interior that is completely lined.
  • Pros include easy and quick installation, easy dismantlement and sealed cabinet interiors.
  • One con is that this design is not suitable for sloped ceilings.
  • Frame Construction Fitted Wardrobe

  • These include a floor but no side or backing panel and can be built from the floor to the ceiling at different distances from the back wall.
  • Pros include great designs for ceilings that are under-sloping as well as easy access to storage.
  • Cons include the construction taking a few days and the wardrobe not having any back panels.
  • Fitted wardrobes can be Custom made to Specifications

  • Fitted wardrobes can be customized to turn a homeowner's idea of an incredible bedroom into reality.
  • The size is inconsequential as professional builders can create designs that fit perfectly with the desired taste and personal style as well as the budget.
  • Elegant finishes that come in broad varieties enable matching of wardrobe doors to the décor of the room.
  • One can also choose interior wardrobe options that suit their lifestyle making the inside as beautiful as the outside.
  • Whether one has an abundance of tailored suits or casual wear, various display and hidden-away options are available.
  • In summary, even if a bedroom has an awkward shape, fitted wardrobes can bring elegance while also remaining functional for storage.

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