Acne is one of the common and most devastating conditions that affect the skin; it is most embarrassing in adults. Due to the fact that no one has never entertained acne and you will always seek medication or any method of getting rid of it, it is recommended that you make a choice that will leave no side effects to your system. This page looks briefly at some few but effective ways of getting rid of acne for adults.

Eat the right food

If you have ever considered keeping your skin free of acne, then eating the eating the right food will help you achieve that; you are what you eat. The best diet for prevention and reduction of adult acne should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water and reducing your daily consumption of fatty foods as well as sugary drinks and foods.

Blend good hygiene

Keep you hands clean all the time to avoid transferring germs and bacteria into your face. Besides, you are supposed to keep your face clean by washing with mild soaps or face wash; clean your face at least 4 times a day. You can maintain hygiene by keeping your towel, cloths as well as pillowcases clean.

cucumber and papaya works

Besides, preventing the formation of acne on your skin, cucumber and papaya will do a great job in unclogging of pores as well as soothing the inflammation. Use facial masks that contain these food items by applying it on the skin and leave for about 15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Use toothpaste

Toothpaste is popularly known to be one of the effective ways of getting rid of acne for adults. Place an ice cube over the affected area to reduce the swelling and then apply toothpaste over it, leave it over night and wash it off in the morning. Regularly using the toothpaste is harmful to your skin as it may cause some more blemishes.

Use lemon juice

Lemon is an astringent and is popularly known for treatment of many skin conditions including getting rid of acne. Mix water with the juice of freshly squeezed lemon and use it to clean your face.

Wear oil-free non-comedogenic makeup

Although covering up your acne marks with makeup is not a bad idea, you should be cautious with the ones that contain oils in order to avoid clogging of the pores and further development of acne. A good makeup is one that is oil-free and contains anti-acne agents; mineral makeup is better.

Majority of the acne victims find it a big issue to get rid of it completely. Giving up will not solve the same problem, just follow one of the above 6 ways of getting rid of acne for adults and you will be surprised with the results.

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