Finding restaurants with Afghani cuisine in Dubai can be a daunting task. It is because not every Afghani restaurant will be genuine in serving the right dishes with all the much-needed original flavours and ingredients. From the traditional kebabs to the taste of Kabuli Pulao - there's no doubt that Afghani cuisine has made a place in the heart of food-lovers, all over the world.

The sensational aroma, the distinct taste and the unique spices and recipes make the combination perfect for those who crave for Afghani dishes. The juiciness, scrumptiousness and freshness of the food carefully cooked is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Furthermore, the aspect of Afghani cuisine has taken the world by storm because every guest nowadays arriving in Dubai seeks authentic Afghani restaurants to fulfill their appetite of Afghani food.

We're making your job easier by revealing the best five Afghani restaurants you can opt for in Dubai.

1. Shahista

Peacefully located inside the Garhoud area, this Afghani restaurant in Dubai is generally famous for its reasonable yet deliciously-priced, sumptuous dishes. The overall menu of the restaurant has been carefully chosen to provide the best cuisines available in that particular area. Some starters include pakoras, Bolani and crispy fried vegetables, which are surely worth trying — moving on to the main courses which include the famous Kabuli Pulao, basmati rice with sauteed lamb, and the likes of meat and chicken entrees. A must-try place if you're into authentic Afghani flavours.

2. Sthan

You'll not just find Afghani cuisines in this restaurant, but also Indian, Pakistani and Mughlai cuisines. The restaurant plays live music for the guests so that your mood can be lifted while making your dining experience even better. Alternatively, the place has private dining areas for those who want to spend quality time, in peace, with their loved ones. Some of the best dishes to try out would be the Rara Gosht, Haleem and Chicken Biryani.

3. Afghan Khorasan Kabab House

If you're looking for a cheaper yet fulfilling meal, then, there's no better Afghani restaurant than the Afghan Khorasan Kabab House. The place is situated inside a busy supermarket located in Deira, Dubai. When talking about the interior of the restaurant, it reflects a typical Arabian culture with ancient clocks, dark walls, carpeted floors, chandeliers made from crystal and so on. For a perfect fulfilling meal, you can opt for the Afghani kebabs, flatbreads, side salad, and a bowl of soup.

4. Wakha

Wakha is another excellent choice to consider if you're into Afghani as well as Pakistani cuisines. The place has a friendly staff, and the ambience is indeed beautiful and worth experiencing. In case you're planning to visit this restaurant, some of the best recipes that you should be trying out are the Kabuli Pulao, Chapli Kebab, Afghani Pulao, Lamb Chops and Lamb Karahi.

5. Kabana Restaurant

The Kabana Restaurant is the epitome of the perfect Afghani cuisine that Dubai has to offer. Established in Jumeirah, Dubai, the place has been beautifully decorated to give you the feel of fine dining and wine. Apart from having a great ambience, the food is delicious too. Combined with the tastiest seasoning, and sauces, the food is cooked to almost perfection. The variety of kebabs they have on offer makes it a great place to enjoy in Dubai. Moreover, you get access to salads, soups, and rice, cooked with homemade love and care.

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