A private pilot licence or PPL is a must if you want to become a commercial pilot. It acts as a stepping stone for candidates aspiring to be commercial pilots from reputed flying schools in Australia. 

However, even if you don't want to be a professional pilot but love to fly, a private pilot licence Australia can be extremely useful. You can undertake a wide range of activities and build fun memories for yourself and your loved ones with just a PPL. 

 Read on to discover five amazing things that you can do with a PPL license Australia. 

 1) Air Tours With Family

You cannot fly commercial aeroplanes with a PPL or get paid for flying work or board passengers on to the aircraft. The licence only allows you to fly single-engine aeroplanes, but you can add ratings for multi-engine and night flying later.

However, with your PPL you can take family and friends flying and give them an unforgettable experience. Flying is undoubtedly a fun occasion and Australia presents some memorable landscapes to view from the air. Taking your family on a trip is sure to create some treasured times and lots of amazing pictures.

 2) Try New Flying Skills

Even though you are not seeking a career as a pilot, there is the possibility to learn new skills simply to satisfy your love of flying. A PPL enables you to join flying schools in Australia and connect with top-flight instructors to obtain more flying ratings and endorsements, such as Instrument Rating and Night VFR. These skills are exciting and challenging, so if you enjoy adrenaline adventures it's the perfect hobby.

3) Participate In An Aviation Event

A PPL allows you to participate in aviation events in your area. If you know some Fly In Events, you can join them to engage with the community and enjoy the experience with other pilots.


4) Go On An Air Date

What better gift for a loved one than a private air date? Surely nothing can match the experience. If you love flying and want to share the thrill with someone special, obtain your PPL from flying schools in Australia. Once you have a PPL, it enables you to take your partner on any number of private dates to enjoy the beautiful views from above.

5) Fly For Charity

With your PPL you can also fly to help others in need. In times of emergency, you can aid the community by charity flying with a valid PPL. Join non-profit organisations like Angel Flight and become a volunteer pilot transporting passengers who have to fly long distances for medical treatment, or undertake other community service projects. There are several ways you can utilise your skills for the benefit of the public once you obtain your PPL.

Take off with a PPL!

The PPL license Australia has so many applications. Even if you don't plan to become a commercial pilot, you can fly for fun, learn different skills and be useful to the community.

Follow your passion for flying and get in touch with a reputable flying school to get your private pilot licence Australia and realise your dream of flying high.

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