So you've just bought your new pc, you've got everything set up, but now you need to know the recommended pc software to install. Although pcs are designed to work flawlessly right out of download facebook videos the box, there are a few pieces of software that every pc user should install as soon as possible. Here are the top 5 most essential pc software downloads. All of these are completely free, and will at least double the usefulness of your pc.

1. VLC

There have probably been times in the past when you have downloaded a video file and found that you were unable to play it because you didn't have the correct codec or your media player didn't recognize the file type. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with Apple's Quicktime player. The best solution on the internet is VLC. VLC is designed to be small, fast, and compatible with nearly every video file type known to man.

2. Firefox

Apple's built in Safari browser is pretty good, but it's not as good as Firefox. Although Firefox may be a tad bit heavier and clunkier, the extra functionality is definitely worth it. You can customize Firefox in almost any way you could dream up. The SearchPreview add-on allows you to see a thumbnail of every website in your Google search results, and Ad Block Plus can get rid of all the annoying advertisements on the internet.

3. StuffIt Expander

This is a great simple tool that you will want to download pretty quickly. The pc has the ability to files right out of the box, but StuffIt Expander will definitely be necessary if you need to unpack any other common files, like .rar, .tar, or .tgz files.

4. Dp Downloader

The objective of the Insta DP site is extremely direct we need you to see any profile picture in its unique size. What's more, we need you to exhibit a pic of this more odd that attempting to tail you on Instagram anyway you can't further examine them in view of their own profile.

On the off chance that you chase any profile through our site you may see Insta DP in its genuine size and you're ready to download it as well. When you see full insta profile picture it is conceivable to have a choice whether you ought to acknowledge his/her appeal or not. Another pleasant part is that you can see your pulverize's dp in all out size.


Although the pc comes with a basic text editor and spreadsheet, these are highly lacking on features. Your best option is to either buy iLife or Microsoft Office for pc. Unfortunately, those options will set you back a pretty penny. If you're looking for a free option, Open is the clear choice. This is a full-fledged open-source office suite.

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