Exercise alone will not lead to weight loss. Exercise must be combined with a good nutrition plan. The success of any weight loss program is dependent not on the number of workouts you get weekly, but the quality of food you eat. Lose more weight quickly with the following tips.

You should eat every two to three hours when you are awake. It is important to focus on fueling the body for the results you want. Use hunger as your guide. If your start the day off with a healthy breakfast you will find within 2-3 hours you will be hungry again. This pattern will repeat throughout the day. This may sound contradicting to your weight loss goals, but as long as your overall calorie intake is lower than the amount you are burning away, eating more often will increase your metabolism.

Next, you should not count your calories. Counting calories is not fun at all. Instead, I recommend food journal-ling as a means of keeping you accountable for what you are eating. The key is to adjust your mind-set when it comes to portion sizes. Use visualization to help you determine appropriate portion sizes.

Third of all, make sure that you also account for calories in drinks. Calories do not only come from food, they can also come in the form of juices, coffees, teas and alcohol. The extra calories consumed in beverages usually come from sweeteners. Sweeteners will reduce the body's ability to burn fat.

Next, you must start your day with a breakfast. Do not skip your breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will start the day off on the right track. It gets the fat burning engine running. Skipping breakfast to reduce overall calories taken in is a flawed strategy. People who skip breakfast are more likely to be famished by lunch time, therefore consuming more calories at lunch than they would have if they had taken their breakfast.

Finally, you can and should cheat on your diet once a week. Eating healthy is fantastic for our bodies, but sometimes we need a mental break. It is acceptable to give into a craving once in a while. This concept allows you to postpone bad eating choices throughout the week. Just make sure that you still be reasonable and do not go absolutely crazy over this cheat and overeat.

Integrate these five tips into your weight loss regimen and you will be on your way to a leaner and slimmer you.

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