As we all know, a website is must for successfully marketing any business, and law firms are no different. For law firm internet marketing to be effective, it is important that a law firm marketing consultant incorporate the latest and the most effective web design trends in their clients’ law firm websites. We discuss here, five effective web design trends for attorneys.

Responsive web design

Today, a vast majority of people use the internet while on the go. Therefore, the use of mobile devices for web search has increased manifold. More than 50% of internet search is done on mobile devices. Your law firm website, therefore, should be responsive to adapt to all devices, desktop or mobile. It should automatically respond and adjust to different devices, platforms, and screen sizes. The content on your website should be easy to read on all devices.

Greater flexibility means greater accessibility, thus ensuring that people, even if they are on the go, find you when they search for you.

If your website is not responsive, you might be losing out on potential clients. It’s time to make a change now. There are many law firm web design companies who can upgrade your site with a responsive design.


As consumers become increasingly discerning, they demand high-quality professional images on your website. This, after all, reflects on your brand and practice. Great photography can help you improve your reputation, reach and trust. You can also think of incorporating virtual tours, as another law firm has done, by highlighting in house mock court room. Don’t just count on the stock images of scales of justice, gavels, or handshakes. Put some personal, authentic and professional images.

It is estimated that in the next few years, the video will comprise almost 80% of web content. Increasingly, more and more people searching forlegal advice or to hire a lawyer, prefer to consume information or advice through video. Most law firms still do not use video as much, so this is an area which can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

You can use videos to explain complex legal terminologies or issues in a clear and concise way. You can also use it for client testimonials, to introduce your team and highlight their standing among the legal community, etc. There is endless scope to leverage video.


Use high quality, original website content to tell the story behind your firm. Let people know about your beliefs, values, credentials, your differentiators, your mission and services, etc. By doing this you can build trust among your potential clients in an organic way because you are not hard selling yourself. You are only giving the searcher what they need: answers, solution, help, and guidance. Through blogs, articles, podcasts, videos and other content, you can establish your authority in the legal field. Also, Google rewards sites, which regularly publishes original content, by ranking them higher in search engine results. Better ranking means increased traffic and ultimately more conversions.


Of late, live chat has become one of the most effective lawyer website design features. Earlier it used to be an additional feature, but now it is a must-have attribute for attorney websites. It gives your potential clients an opportunity to connect with you. It builds a degree of comfort and trust that is very essential. It also provides people, who may not be at the stage of hiring a lawyer as yet, to reach out and ask a question and determine whether you can provide the solution they are looking for.


This is a trend that, according to a law firm marketing consultant, will never go out of the convention. It is critical that your website is easy to access and navigate so that it pushes your visitors towards a specific goal or call to action. A complex, confusing site will only drive them away to a competitor. So make the navigation simple and seamless for them to find the information they are looking for, contact you and then take the next steps. Navigation tools should be instinctive, clearly and precisely worded, and must include an option to contact you. Generally located at the top, this format is familiar to the internet users, so they will know how to proceed.

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