We can all be successful if we practice principles of success. To become successful, one has to be committed to personal growth and development, and willing to perfect practices that lead to a successful outcome. Like any other habit, developing traits that lead to success, requires commitment, consistency and persistence.

While traveling, I ate lunch in a busy airport restaurant, where I met a waitress I will call PAULA. This waitress was phenomenal. While I was thinking about how phenomenal she was she walked to my table and asked ”Do you need anything? I have to go to the restroom for a few minutes and I didn’t want you to need anything during my absence.”

I have been in many restaurants, but I’ve never had a waitress to inform me that she would be gone for a few minutes. Have you?

This was a not a fancy restaurant with white tablecloths and a dress code. Instead it was low-cost chain restaurant where customers rotated in and out quickly. Upon her return, Paula asked again if I needed anything. The restaurant was busy, and Paula had several tables with many other customers. However, I noted she provided everyone with superb service.

Before leaving the restaurant, I asked how she developed such exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills. She commented that she had no special training in customer service. However, she had been a waitress for years. Paula indicated that her resources were limited but she was “grateful” to have a job. She displayed a great attitude of gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude can help you to have a more positive mood, and reduce stress and depression. Despite her circumstances, it certainly appeared that this was true for Paula who performed her job while displaying a pleasant disposition.

Her service was exemplary and reminded me of Five Attributes that Help to Create Success in Your Life that I refer to as the PAULA(sm) Guide to Success:

1. P Pleasant Disposition. Paula greeted me with a smile when she first came to my table, and behaved as if waiting on every table was a pleasant and enjoyable act.
A smile can become contagious and requires little effort. When you greet people with a smile, people perceive you as a pleasing personality. This helps to create better interpersonal relationships, and it also helps you win people over in most situations.

2. A Attitude of Gratitude. This allows us to remain positive and optimistic. Paula demonstrated gratitude despite her circumstances, and she remained focused on doing an excellent job.

3. U Unrelenting work ethic. This is essential in maintaining focus as we perform our routine work tasks, and allows us to perfect our job skills. Paula worked hard each moment she was on the restaurant floor, and ensured that all her customers’ needs were met.

4. L Long-term commitment. Paula had worked as a waitress for years. She reminds us that it takes a strong commitment to succeed.

5. A Attention to accomplishing your goal. Attention to details leads to excellence in the performance of work-related tasks. Paula’s attention to the needs of her customers before they realized them was essential to her success.

If you want to become successful in any area of life, I recommend that you follow the example of Paula. She displays all the attributes needed to succeed in any area of life.

Utilize the Paula phenomenon on a daily basis and watch the positive changes that will occur in your life.

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