Smart innovation can lead to more sales, happy customers and efficient working days at every company. Yet not every entrepreneur gets energy from the word innovation. In this article, we respond to five common excuses for not starting a renewal.

I have no idea how I should start with innovation

Innovation is a completely new world for you. You hear the term fall more often in your area, but how do you take the first step? It seems risky to start a project that you don't know if it will deliver.

The right structure

Starting with innovation is difficult if you don't know how to approach this. Working in a structured way is, therefore, the key to success. On the InventHelp platform, you will find a step-by-step plan in which it becomes clear how you can do this smartly.

1. Investigate the options
2. Ask if the customer sees the plan
3. Know well what the competition is doing
4. Put the right team together
5. Schedule a test phase

Innovation is for real inventors, who don't run around at my company

With the word innovation, you think of inventions. Creating something that does not yet exist, to solve a problem that does not yet have a solution. That is only reserved for the most inventive entrepreneurs.

Start small

Innovation does not have to be that big and compelling. Start small. Go brainstorm about that weak link in your production process. Encourage colleagues to think about solutions that make the daily work of the customer easier. Who knows what ideas can arise during these sessions? In addition, successful innovation is not only dependent on brilliant ideas, but also on good execution and perseverance.

My company has been going well for years, why mess around with the formula?

Your customers are satisfied, employees feel comfortable and the company makes a profit. In short: the future looks bright. Why change something if there is no direct cause?

It can always be better, smarter and faster

Starting with innovation does not mean that you have to put your successful service or product in the refrigerator. It is nevertheless wise to anticipate new opportunities within the industry and to keep your eyes open for parts that could be improved. This way you prepare your company for the future in a timely manner.

Innovation fits with Tesla and Google, not with my company

Innovation suits fast Silicon Valley companies where IT people spend the night programming until their new app has been downloaded millions of times in the App Store. A big contrast with the daily course of events in the workplace.

You can innovate at any level

A comparison with multinationals is often not realistic. Yet as an SME, you can harvest success without experience with innovation, as long as you set achievable goals. After all, customers are also happy with smarter solutions that make their day easier, more efficient or more fun. How do you recognize that? By keeping in constant contact with the customer. Where does the customer bother and how can your product or service reduce that irritation? You can distinguish yourself with that.

My employees and I are busy enough right now

The staff's agenda is already bulging. Why bother your people with the far-from-my-bed show called innovation?

But innovation gives energy

Innovation is an excellent opportunity to come up with cool new things. Solutions that only arise when you take the space to further elaborate on that crazy inspiration. Starting with innovation means relying on the skills and creativity of your staff. If you create a work environment where employees are allowed to experiment and make mistakes, it is extremely motivating. Certainly, when the idea reaps success and appreciation.

What opportunities do you see?

Do you want to get started with innovation? Then contact InventHelp Innovation.

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