There is much information about foods to eat to lose weight. However, did you know that there are certain foods, which will make you fat even if you are eating lots of healthy foods? These are the foods which definitely should not be eaten if you are serious about losing weight and in the following article, I state and explain to you some of the very worst foods for weight loss!

The first food to avoid at all costs is fried foods. Fried foods such as fried chicken and french fries are full of saturated fat and trans fat. Although they are very tasty, these trans fat never go away and will stay with you for life! These are the type of fats which cannot be lost, on top of being very unhealthy.

The second food is white bread. White bread has all its nutrients drained out during its manufacturing process. In addition, white bread has a higher starch content compared to whole wheat bread. Put simply, white bread is bad for you and will increase your fat gains, which is exactly what you do not want when trying to lose weight.

Thirdly, salted food products are detrimental to your weight loss. The salt in products such as salted peanuts hold onto water, and results in a situation known as water retention. While this does not necessarily increase the amounts of fats in your body directly, it does make your muscle definition blur and gives your face an undesirable puffy look.

Stay away from caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and tea. Keep them to a bare minimum if you are serious about losing weight quickly. Caffeinated drinks are diuretic, meaning that it will increase your body's production of urine. Even though this seems like it can help you lose weight, it will eventually cause your body to hold onto more water than ever before to compensate for the lack of water in your body previously. This, once again, also leads to water retention and make you look puffy.

Finally, do not take carbonated drinks. If anything, these are one of the worst drinks possible for weight loss. Drinks like Coke and Sprite are actually empty calories. This means they are made up of calories with zero nutrients. Even diet Coke is bad if weight loss is your goal!

You may be eating many healthy foods to lose weight, but if you continue taking the above five worst foods or drinks, you will not be able to lose weight even if your exercise regimen is perfect!

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