If you are looking to get into fantastic shape this upcoming summer, but are bored of the same old, boring cardiovascular workouts like running, then make sure to check out the following article for some cardiovascular exercises which are both effective for burning excess calories and are more interesting as well! These exercises will be great for toning both your upper and lower body, so that you will be able to fully show off your new hot body at the beach during this summer!

The first activity you can perform will be hiking! Hiking for a good two hours, depending on the terrain you choose can help you burn at least a thousand calories and also do wonders for your cardiovascular health and overall muscle tone! It is great as a lower body workout, but you can make it a full body workout by bringing some fitness equipment along with yourself.

Another fun but effective activity for losing weight will be rollerblading! You may find it difficult to catch onto the technique of rollerblading in the beginning, but once you learn how to do it, you will find that it is actually a fantastic lower body work out which doubles as an aerobic session as well! Your calves and hamstrings will be fully worked out and targeted.

Beach volleyball is another great sport you should play to lose weight and have fun with friends. The short, sharp and constant movements on sand will serve as an intense cardiovascular workout and tone your stomach muscles at the same time.

Tennis is also similar to beach volleyball as it requires short and fast movements, and this will actually get your heart rate up very quickly and even more effective than long, drawn out jogging sessions. When your heart rate is high for prolonged periods of time, you will have a heightened metabolism rate, helping you burn more fats.

Swimming is another awesome cardiovascular workout, working on every single part of the body, yet with low impact stress on your bodily joints. Swimming is great for overall body muscle toning and is kind on all of your joints. It is also a very 'cooling' sport to perform but is very effective as a cardiovascular exercise. When you increase the amount of laps swam, you will also burn more calories quicker!

Sometimes, it is hard to motivate yourself to perform the same exercises over and over again as it can get pretty boring. The above five activities are also equally, if not more, fantastic for your fat loss goals!

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