You can do it anywhere you are

 whether at home, in the office, in a motel room, or on the road, as long as you have your laptop with you. No matter where you live, be it a block from your therapist's office or on another continent, as long as that therapist offers online therapy, you speak the same language, and find it personable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, you can choose your therapist over that base, rather than based on location.


You can do it at any time

In order for therapy to work for you, you need to stay up-to-date consistently and consistently, so one electronic session per week is the optimal pace. Apart from that, YOU can choose the exact time to write your email: when the children are asleep; when you feel an urgent need to communicate; when you feel in the right reflective frame of mind, etc. How liberating! You don't have one more task, one more appointment to fit into your busy schedule. Now, therapy can be part of your private "quiet time." You can do it in your pajamas, in your underwear, while listening to music, drinking some wine, with your face mask on ... I think you get the point. Did you have any question about online therapy? To get your answer visit


You can keep your privacy

If you happen to be shy and reserved, self-disclosure may seem like too difficult a task for you, even if you deeply yearn for it. Electronic therapy can help you come out of your shell in a gentle way that does not threaten your sensitivity or intense need for privacy.


You can focus on the most important problems

Often during office therapy, the conversation is diverted to recounting insignificant events or details. Electronic therapy allows you to focus on your things beforehand and organize them even more on paper. This act in itself has extraordinary therapeutic benefits because it allows us to reflect in greater depth and detail on feelings, situations, symptoms, etc.

You can pay for it

Compared to in-office therapy, e-therapy is much more affordable, typically around half the fee (or less) of in-office sessions. The reason for this is that your therapist enjoys some of the comforts of e-therapy that you enjoy: you do not have to shave, obviously, before writing your answer to you; You don't have to dress up or dust the office; They can also do it in their pajamas or underwear, while drinking some wine, while listening to their favorite heavy metal music, etc. They can also do it when they are in a good mood, enjoy the same freedom that you enjoy! For all these reasons, e-therapy becomes much, much cheaper! Win-win situation, right?


So, what do you say? Have you been considering any therapy, but were put off by the inconvenience, inconvenience, pressure, and cost? Then online therapy may be the perfect solution for you!

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