Did you know, the green pots are grown in your small house, besides the beauty effect, decorating the house they also have great effects for the health of your family.

Trees are an indispensable part of our lives. From many years ago, people knew how to grow different plants to beautify their houses. It could be as simple as a small pot of plants placed in the room, or to larger trees grown outside the garden.
Today, with air pollution, along with global warming, the plants grown in the house really become necessary. Go and learn the magical effects of green for human health.

1. Give us oxygen to breathe
Recall your lesson, if humans and animals on earth have respiration, oxygen and release carbon dioxide, the opposite is true. Thanks to photosynthesis, green plants absorb human carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. That is a miracle of nature.

A potted plant is placed in the house, that's very good, isn't it? However, photosynthesis only takes place during the day, at night, plants also breathe, will absorb oxygen and emit carbon, so you should not leave trees in the bedroom because they will be able to compete oxygen with you.

A particular tree does not follow the principles of photosynthesis, the night of respiration is orchid. Therefore, if you want to make the bedroom more fresh, you can put it in a pot of orchids.

2. Green plants help prevent disease
A pot of green plants in the house will help balance the air humidity, they control the moisture around the tree, which is good for our health. Thanks to the moisture balance, it helps to limit the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria to the body, helps reduce dryness, prevents colds, sore throat

3. Green trees help bring a fresh atmosphere
This is evident that everyone sees. Will you be extremely comfortable standing under a big tree? That is thanks to the ability to clean the air of trees.

Smoke, pollution, carbon dioxide in the environment will be absorbed by leaves and remove harmful substances. Maybe purses, trees as a natural air purifier, extremely safe and effective, without costing you a penny at all. Indoor plants improve your air quality and provides you fresh oxygen. So why don't you build an air purifier right in your home? Planting a few potted plants in your home or some big trees in the garden is not difficult or it takes too much of your time, right?

4. Green plants help cure diseases
You see how strange it is, right? According to a research by University of Kansas scientists, some plants have the ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and lower blood pressure for patients.

The pain and discomfort is greatly reduced when you stand in the middle of a garden or under a shade of a tree. So far, the healing mechanism of green trees has not yet reached a satisfactory explanation, let us just temporarily acknowledge that because of the fact that has proved it.
Thanks to this ability, now many hospitals have put greenery in the hospital campus, a green park helps patients walk, making mental comfort a lot for the process their treatment and recovery.

5. Help increase productivity
A new study also shows that in a green space will help increase concentration, reduce stress and improve work efficiency, help you be much more alert, maybe up to 20%. If you find the work too tense, the effect is not high? Why not bring it into the office, put on a small desk, is it a small plant pot?

You see, just a small pot of green plants gives you a lot of great benefits, very good for your health. That is why today, planting and protecting trees are becoming the top concern of many countries in the world. The green tree is the green lung of mankind on this earth, defending and developing green trees is to protect and improve the health of his lungs.

If you haven't been able to do such big things, a simple thing you can do is plant and take care of yourself a few trees in the house. It not only makes your home more beautiful and bright, has many health benefits, but it also helps you have a good time, skipping the tiresome work of caring for them.

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Misty Jhones