If you type “public statements tips” on Google you will get about 3 millions responses. Such information is quite a lot for you, but if you have to stand alone in front of public, there will never be enough information for you to overcome this fear.

Most of such fears are self-imposed, believe it or not. The people listening to you will never care about how you disseminate the information, what they really care is the information. If you are going to make a public statement, below are some helpful tips for you.

Better Public Statement Tip #1

This level is where you need to be most prepared. You should learn your statement by heart; you should know full well the topic you will be talking about. Practice this at home, you will know that you have reached this level of public statement as you get such “feeling”, and believe that it would come with knowledge.

Better Public Statement Tip #2

Do you know the saying “familiarity promotes confidence”. That means you need to greet as many attendees who come to listen to your statement as possible. In addition, think of all the benefits which you can obtain as you take some time to meet the attendees before you start your statement.

What is more, such strategy keeps you from worrying yourself to death and pacing back and forth until you go on. There is no need to cram now.

Better Public Statement Tip #3

You should never think that almost everyone in the audience will not give your statement any attention, and this will actually reduce your chances of making a successful public statement.

Better Public Statement Tip #4

As you find yourself having a mouthful of ums and uhs, just stop yourself and repeat the sentence as if it is a very important one, and replace such ums and uhs with silence to make your statement more fluent.

Better Public Statement Tip #5

Articulate your speech. Many people think that good communication is just a matter of speaking. This is not true at all! To make yourself a great communicator, you need to use your other parts of body. Body language and gestures will surely add enthusiasm and energy to your statement.

These are some tips which can really be helpful for you in taking your very first step in public statement. Can you see that there are many people obtaining promotions because they have good skills in making public statements?

Can you see people fear making statements in public even more than they fear death? Perhaps because dying appears far away and is abstract but the podium is just in front of them. With your fears, you can actually come to grips and perhaps you will not enjoy it; however, you can overcome it easily. I am not able to emphasize enough that more than a half of such battle will be much easier if you can really know what you are going to speak and what people may be going to ask. If you can know them, making statements will be easier than ever.

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