Easter is just around the corner! You can celebrate Easter along with some fun egg inspired games and treats. It is time to mix various things up from your normal Easter egg dying and egg hunts.

Instead, we have got few creative ideas that you may try in this Easter along with your friends and family. Here are five ideas for fun Easter given below. 

  1. Emoji easter eggs

Do you want to try something with your eggs during this Easter? You may paint the Easter eggs rather than dying them with different colors. Emoji Easter eggs obtained from Studio DIY can be a perfect way to decorate your hard-boiled eggs.

You may use yellow paint for painting the egg base. You may also need red, black, blue, pink and white paint for adding faces for your eggs. You can bring life to your Easter eggs by adding few fun emoji faces! An Easter idea of this year this is one of the favorite Easter brunch near me.

  1. Chocolate with no bake peanut-butter cookie nests

All of us love cookies with chocolate no bake.  You can find this delicious no bake chocolate recipe with peanut-butter cookie nests that you must check out. You will need honey, peanut butter, cocoa powder, oil, salt, oats, vanilla and shredded coconut.

By introducing some Cadbury eggs on cookies top add a little extra to the no bake cookies. It will be a perfect Easter treat!

  1. Paint filled eggs

Why not instead of decorating the Easter eggs, better fill them by paint? You may need few hard-boiled eggs and hallow it out. Then, fill all these eggs with a bright color paint.

Then you may prefer to cover them by using tissue paper to prevent paint to fall out. Either use a poster board or large canvas for creating your art work on. You may set it up outside to prevent it to get too messy.

For creating your art, you may take turns by throwing paint filled eggs just on the canvas. Set your masterpiece after throwing all your eggs.   

  1. Play egg roulette

Are you in mood for fun Easter game? Then take an egg carton and hard boil around 8 of the 12 eggs. Other 4 eggs you may keep raw. Now lay down garbage bags or plastic table cloths if you plan to play this game inside.

Try to challenge one opponent at a time who will try to reach for egg. Each of the player should take a turn to smash that egg on the forehead. The game will end when the loser will smash 2 raw eggs on the forehead.   

  1. Glow in Easter egg-hunt

It is time to mix things up and glow in dark Easter egg-hunt. Besides finding eggs while there is light outside, you can make things little harder by searching in the dark for Easter eggs.

On the eggs, try to place small glow-sticks to spot them even in the dark. This can add a fun twist to a normal Easter egg hunt.

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