Pilates is a series of several exercises that are inspired by yoga, ballet and calisthenics. Pilates are a series of around five hundred exercises that specifically stretches and comforts the major muscles of the human body. It improves the body’s flexibility and strengthens the balance of the body. Pilates improve postural and muscular strength as much as yoga does. The exercises can be aerobic as well as non-aerobic. It requires a good amount of concentration in order to maintain the balance of the body. There is a certain rhythm that is followed for every exercise.

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The Following Are Five Ways in Which Doing Pilates Keeps You Healthy:

#1. A Stronger Core: The core is the central part of the human body. The core includes your abdomen and your back. Pilates will help you strengthen your core not just in the form of an enviable six-pack abdomen. A certain series of exercises will help you make your body more stable and stronger than ever before which will make it much easier for you to do your daily activities. Pilates also help you build strong, sustainable and toned muscles. There are muscles that are very important for a strong physical framework. With a strong core lying buried deep inside, you are making sure that the frame of your body is supported.

#2. Decreased Back Pain: Pilates helps you to get a stronger core, which helps you reduce back pain. Pilates help you in strengthening the muscles around your spine that further enables your spine to move with fluidity and not with rigidity or any kind or harshness. It helps you prevent slipped discs as well as other compressed conditions related to the spine. In the process, it also helps you liberate from your back pain.

#3. Improve in Balance: With an increase in age, the reflexes of the human body slow down. Gradually, with age, you tend to lose your balance. What Pilates does is strengthens your core while increasing flexibility and improving your overall balance. Unlike certain other forms of exercise, Pilates never over-develops some parts of your body while completely neglecting others. Pilates trains the whole human body as a whole. Strength and balanced development of muscles along with flexibility is something that helps the motion of the joints. Improved flexibility comes from the balanced muscles on both sides of your body and the increased muscle strength is likely to be accumulated especially on your abdominal muscles, lower back and hips.

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#4. Adaptable at Different Fitness Levels: It does not matter whether you are a well-trained senior, an athlete, or just a beginner – Pilates is something that can be adapted by all. The foundations of Pilates are applicable and accessible to different people with different needs. What Pilates focused on is the proper alignment of the body while making the whole-body function collaboratively following a connected methodology powered by an integrative approach of the mind and the body.

#5. Improved Posture: A good alignment supported by a strong core is what brings a good posture. A good posture enables a person to move freely, without losing balance. The very basic Pilates movement fundamentals and certain mat exercises train the body to move in harmony. Pilates help you in stabilizing your spine and improve the muscular control of your back and your limbs. You are more likely to realize that when you are slouching because of the body awareness that Pilates awakens. It gives you confidence and improves your breathing.

With improved concentration and increase in body awareness, you can also deal with stress management very easily. Pilates are also extremely beneficial in terms of increasing lung capacity and circulation of blood in different body parts because of deep breathing. for knowing more information about Pilates, please visit here for further information.


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