It’s often heard that when someone starts a business, they are now in control of everything. From time to money, they are independent and free to do whatever they want. But how much truth is in those statements?

They are indeed in control of things, to an extent, because now they also have many responsibilities that add up to their personal ones. Now they can’t rely on a monthly paycheck, benefits, or even job security if they take a sick day.

And above all, they have the responsibility to generate enough income to keep business afloat and being able to make the payroll, having state of the art technology or processes and a great researcher to achieve small business financing from Camino Financial, that can help them with their daily needs to keep other employed.

Myths about being your boss

Myth #1. You are your boss.

Nothing farther from the truth because even when you don’t have to answer to a specific leader, you do have a responsibility to your clients to deliver, investors to make their money grow, your employees and their payments and security, your own business needs from machinery to methodology, your small business financing provider to pay back in time. Even though these people aren’t signing your paycheck, you have to answer them in one way or the other.

Myth #2. You are in control of your time

It sounds like a dream not to have to punch a card when you come into the office. Still, it’s not a secret that you have to be available at all times to solve problems (that is your job description), take care of client’s needs, finding a way to pay your small business financing, operate your daily responsibilities and reach new clients among other small things that eat up your time and before you realize it, the day is gone.

Myth #3. You have more time for yourself

Have you ever heard of a business owner that takes a month off to travel with their family? Hardly, and if you do, they are probably already moguls of their industry. And guess what? As long as they are in charge of the business, they don’t completely log off to rest. They attend calls, supervise everything from a distance and keep tabs on everything that happens, even if you don’t see them. And sure, being the boss means you can leave the office in the middle of the day to do whatever you want without having to report it to anyone, but the workload will continue to grow in your absence.

Myth #4. You have financial independence

This is something you don’t hear a lot and, the truth is that it’s a bad practice but, most new business owners don’t even have a salary. Everything that comes into the company stays in the company or into the expenses. The right thing to do is establish a monthly payment to yourself so that you can cover your household expenses at least, and, as the business grows, your income should too. Still, that independence takes time, and most entrepreneurs prefer to have little payment to benefit business growth.

Myth #5. You have to know how to do everything

Also, no. You have to know everything that needs to be done and learn what you didn’t have on the radar. But that’s why you’ll hire experts to operate that side of the business while you focus on doing what you are good at, either is sales, innovation, or financial planning. Learn to supervise your team, not do the work for them. The only thing you should never let anyone else do is choosing the right financing for your business, after all, the strategy is in your head, and you are the decision-maker. Get involved.

With all of these said, being your own boss it’s pretty cool. You get to build something that will help your family, your employees, your clients, and, done right, you can even create a legacy for your family. Nothing gets better than that. If you are already considering starting a business, research the best way to do it and.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.