Running has today become one of the most popular sports activities in the world. To successfully practice this sport, it is essential to acquire certain essential equipment, among which shoes occupy a prominent place.

The Adidas brand has distinguished itself in this area by providing athletes with excellent quality shoes. There are so many models of Adidas shoes that are perfect for running that athletes don't know which one to choose.

If you are also facing this dilemma, then discover in this article the top 5 best Adidas shoes for running. Don’t forget to search for the latest Adidas India coupons before placing your order to avail jaw-dropping deals.

Top 5 best Adidas shoes

The 5 models of Adidas shoes included in this list were selected on the basis of a few precise criteria. Among these, the most important are:

• Resistance
• The presence of advanced technologies
• Aesthetics
• Comfort
• Cushioning and many other equally important criteria.

A large number of shoe models meet these criteria, but it was nevertheless possible to identify these 5 models from the lot.

1. UltraBOOST All terrain

The UltraBOOST All terrain shoes are one of the masterpieces of the Adidas brand for running. It is a model equipped with Boost technology which offers more dynamism to the athlete. Another strong point of this model is that it can be worn to run on several types of terrain. Roads, marked paths or sand, the UltraBOOST All terrain is ideal for running through everything.
The 100% boost soles they feature make it even easier to achieve any desired performance. One more strong point of this model is the remarkable comfort it provides to its wearer. Running is a sporting activity that requires the wearing of comfortable shoes.

The fourth point that makes the Ultraboost All terrain a good running shoe is its exceptional cushioning.

This advantage guarantees a phenomenal return of force to the runner. On the aesthetic side, these shoes are made with finesse and elegance. In addition, they are very light, which offers the runner more facilities to lift his feet.

Give this model a try and you will quickly find that the many praises that have been bestowed on it really live up to its quality.

2. Adizero Prime

The particular characteristics of this model make it suitable for both short distances and long competitions (such as marathons). Its major asset is the great comfort it guarantees to its wearer. Adidas has specially designed this shoe for runners who enjoy running without feeling the slightest discomfort.

This is made possible by the primeknit technology developed by Adidas.

Primeknit is a technology that allows each shoe that has it to quickly conform to the shape of the runner's feet. Thus, the latter feels much more comfortable there and manages to cover great distances without difficulty.
Additionally, this shoe comes with a boost material sole which provides a considerable return of energy to the runner. As for the outsole, it is protected by a continental coating which guarantees grip and stability on dry or wet roads.

3. PureBoost RBL

If you enjoy running long distances without worrying about the terrain you are passing over, then the PureBoost RBL shoe is for you. It is a model equipped with the most recent technologies in terms of running shoes in order to offer the most comfort to its wearer.

The particularity of this model is that it is equipped with a raised sole which offers the possibility of running on wet grounds without the risk of slipping. Designed for competitions and any other difficult course, the PureBoost RBL shoe provides excellent cushioning for the runner. The latter is thus protected from pain or cramps caused by training in difficult terrain.

The upper mesh of PureBoost RBL gives it some resistance to water. So, you don't have to worry about your shoes getting damaged and your feet will stay protected.

4. Supernova Trail

The Supernova Trail is one of the most popular running shoes for many athletes who have tried it. Light and strong, it stands out from other models on several points. Thanks to its boosted midsole, this shoe model has one of the qualities most sought after by athletes: cushioning. This is an important point, because the cushioning greatly contributes to the performance of the runner.

Designed to support any weight, the Supernova Trail has remarkable flexibility. Among the range of shoes manufactured by Adidas, this one remains the ideal choice for practicing trail running whatever the distance.

The other particularity of this model is that it has an exceptional feature: the FitCounter. The FitCounter refers to the technology that makes the supernova trail particularly comfortable. This same technology facilitates the release of Achilles tension, making it the ultimate shoe for running.

In addition, thanks to the Torsion System, your feet remain stable regardless of the terrain on which you train or on which the competition takes place.

On the aesthetic side, you can impress those around you with the remarkable design of the supernova trail. In addition, the model is available in several colors, including: Black, Grey, Neon green and White.

5. Terrex Speed LD

The main advantage of this model is that it offers unparalleled speed to its wearer. Such a feat is possible, because the shoe is quite light. Its midsole is made of EVA, which makes it possible to fully absorb the impact suffered during running sessions.

As for the outsole, it is basically made of continental rubber, a material known for its incredible resistance and great grip. You will be able to cross several types of terrain during your workouts without worrying about the shoe getting damaged or your feet getting injured.

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