Although we have adopted the entire modern tech for living a lavish lifestyle, some things are still better up when stayed traditional. Just like placing runners inside the house as this accessory always stays with the health benefits and lots of gorgeousness.

Want to know how?

Below are different places where runners can be kept to stay trendy, useful and worthy.

Runners At The Entrance

No wonder, runners today do withstand the charisma of giving a royal entry right at the entrance. For those holding up to a long foyer, this accessory is perfect to keep the look of the place along with ensuring cleanliness in the house.

Dropping a long and patterned floor runner across the lane accomplishes a cozy look while giving a royal entry. While a walk on it also ensures that the outsider dust still remains outside. Just a weekly wash is enough to get back the look of the item.

Living Room Floor Runners

Living room floor runners can surround a central and attractive nook in the house. Being in shapes say round, rectangular or square, you can put the furniture alongside for binding on to the aura. With it, placing a center table right in the middle will encourage the ideal hanging out space in the room.

Also, here is another idea where you can use runners to give a set-back to the group hangouts. Place a runner at any empty place in the room and drop some throw pillows and cushions over it. Through this, you are good to go with a place for countless people to come together.

Bed Runners

For a warmer ambience and a rather secured aura, sticking a bed runner at the side is always a good idea. Avoiding hit on falls, and getting to warmer feet give major goals to stitch one next to the bed.

You can search for runners online where you will come across designs worth melting for. Furs, nylon, jute are some of the salient material options that convince elegance with durability. You can even contrast the home furnishings for holding to the theme and atmosphere of the room.

Runners Outside The Bathing Area

Even if you have a big bathroom, still you cannot escape what happens next when water splashes out of the room. In order to prevent it, you should definitely have a runner outside the bathroom. Resisting water and giving a place to clean the toes are the prominent features for making it such a compulsion in the room.

You may opt for polyester floor runners or fiber ones that can balance the water and provide you with the perfect design options for the nook. And being vertical and tall, it adds to the usage of the accessory at that very spot.

Runners Outside The Balcony Door

Are you also a free bird who loves the balcony and terrace more than the rooms? Then you must know what it takes to get back clean to the room even when you have been enjoying the dusty breeze and heavy rain while being under the roof of the balcony.

Understanding this, runners outside the balcony door pokes you to get in clean with feet. With choices of the right material, you are free to put it outside the room, irrespective of the fear for losing its quality.

Certainly, the kind and design is what it takes to know whether you have taken a prettier way to cleanliness with runners.


These are some of the spaces where this accessory can do wonders. With being healthy and happening, you can surely accommodate this long panel at several essential places.

For better designs, you can even search online where you will never back-out disappointed.

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