Weight gain is a serious problem affecting many individuals in numerous ways over the world with or without an increase in food and drink consumption. The gaining weight can be the signal of medical emergency for many individuals however it can be harmless for many individuals in many conditions. The rapid weight gain without an increase in the consumption of food or drink indicates the sign of health problems. There is the number of factors contributing to rapid weight gain whereas some factors are affecting the people of all ages such as sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habit or binge eating and lack of sleeping and so on. The five major factors of a rapid weight gain are described below:

1- Overeating:
Taking a large meal or taking a small meal in a number of times enlarges the stomach beyond its size to manage a large amount of food. Due to which the extended stomach creates pressure on other organs including the abdominal tissue resulting in abdominal extension outwardly to make the person feel better. In addition to this, organs have to work harder to release more amounts of enzymes and hormones to digest the bulk of food and convert extra calories into glycogen and fats which increase the size of liver and muscle mass.

2- Sedentary Life Style:
Inactivity is the prime cause not only for rapid weight gain also the main responsible factor for many chronic diseases. The sedentary lifestyle involves lying or sitting either for watching TV or spending time on other screens, reading books or other activities. Sometimes, the time spending with these technologies or other activities, the consumption of refined carbohydrate food like snakes, chocolates and so on are also consumed. This increases body mass index significantly. According to the study, sitting more than 6 hours a day enhances weight gain quickly and is most susceptive to diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity and so on.

3- Stress or Depression:
During the state of stress or depression, the hormone which is elevated inside the body is cortisol. This hormone has two major effects on the body. Firstly, hormone fasts the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat along-with increase stimulation of insulin release for maintaining blood glucose level. This process ends up craving more carbohydrate diets like sugary diets, salty foods and so on. The second adverse effect of this hormone in terms of quick weight gain is that normal human body synthesizes progenitor cells which are later converted into stem cells. The elevated level of cortisol transformed the progenitor cells into fat cells leading to rapid weight gain. This fat cell is mainly deposited in abdominal adipose tissue which is considered as the toxic fats.

4- Sleep Deprivation:
The lack of sleep is another factor for rapid weight gain. Sleep deprivation majorly disturbs the hunger regulating hormones namely leptin and ghrelin, which consequently cause fatigue, promote physical inactivity, slowing your metabolism and craving carbohydrate-dense food like fast food and so on. In addition to the negative effects of taking less sleep, the resting metabolic rate is also affected. It is the burning of calories at a fully resting state which is reduced in sleep deprivation causing the elevation of weight rapidly due to less burning of calories.

5- Medications:
Few medications, unfortunately, have adverse effects on the body in terms of increasing weight quickly. The medicines for normalizing blood pressure, blood glucose level, antidepressants, and steroids are mostly taken by males while bodybuilding. Like diabetic medicine which enables the body to hold more salt for water build-up. The excess water retention in this condition is responsible for rapid weight gain. The beta-blockers are given to hypertensive patients which slows down the rate of burning calories. The antidepressants including steroids are appetite stimulants and enable the person to take good food like junk food and so on, to create euphoric feelings and etc. This causes the rapid weight gain of an individual.

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