Are you one of those junkies who frequently sign up for self improvement courses? Or maybe it is your first time enrolling for one. Whatever category you may belong to, have you ever stopped to ask yourself these questions after signing up for a program? Here are the questions.

Question 1: What do I hope to achieve in this course?

Perhaps this is a question you should ask yourself every time you sign up for self improvement courses. What do you want to get out of this one? I have mentioned before that you need to have an end in mind. Otherwise, whatever you are doing or going through will be rather meaningless.

Question 2: Why did I sign up?

This question is somewhat contextual. Some people sign up because they want to learn something new and improve themselves. However, other people sign up simply because their friend dragged them along or persuaded them. If this is you, think about why you friend did that. Maybe they see something which you do not see about improving yourself, or maybe they believe that this course will empower you to greater levels.

Question 3: How do I feel about signing up for it?

Again this will differ from person to person. Some may feel really excited, others may feel indifferent. There are a group of people who may feel nervous about the prospect of going for a program like this, especially if it is their first time. Maybe they are worried about the mental stretching and molding that they will be going through.

Question 4: How many people would have wanted to be in your position?

This question will apply to the more pricey self improvement courses. I personally feel that this question will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not to enroll for it. There are people in the world who probably do not have the finances to pay for such a high end program. You should consider yourself blessed to be given the chance to sign up for it.

Question 5: How many people would actually leave their comfort zone to sign up for this program?

There is also a group of people who will not even bother to sign up for what you just did because they are too comfortable wherever they are now. Leaving your comfort zone means progress, but it also means stepping into unfamiliar territory. That is an achievement you should be proud of.

Who knew that asking such questions after signing up for self improvement courses would be this amusing? Give that a try and tell me what you think.

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