Do you struggle with charging a fee for your services, but want to start building your business? Whether you are a coach or a massage therapist, you cannot survive if you give your services away for free. Some first time business owners have difficulty with the idea of earning a good living by helping others. They think they shouldn’t charge right away or if they love what they do, they should give it away.

However, when you are building your business, there are several essential reasons why you cannot continue this practice of working for free.

1. Clients will not get results for services they don’t pay for. People need to be invested and when there’s no cost, there’s no personal investment in having the service work for them. Building your business this way is simply not possible.

2. When clients pay for a service, it actually motivates them to take steps and get the most out of the experience. Paying customers get far deeper results too –I’ve seen this happen over and over again which definitely helps with building your business.

3. When you give your work away, you are not as invested either. You want to show up in a big way and that is not nearly as likely when you don’t charge. By putting a fee on your service, you will strive to grow, improve and bring your best game to your clients.

4. This seems rather obvious, but you can’t earn income when you don’t charge for your work. You need cash for building your business and creating a bright future.

5. Even if you have other monetary support now which allows you to give your work away, at some point, that could end. Don’t wait until you are facing a crisis, start charging a fee now.

Don’t do yourself or your clients a disservice by not charging a fair fee for your work. Everyone benefits from a balanced energy exchange. After all, that’s what charging a fee is – a simple exchange of energy. Money for services. With this exchange, everyone wins!

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

If you are working on building your business and struggle with charging a fee, or not charging enough, think about this list of questions.

- How would you show up for clients if you charged $50 for your work vs. $1,000?

- Would you be playing bigger?

- Would you deliver higher quality services for the higher price?

- Would you expect more from yourself?

- Would your clients’ results improve and go even deeper?

- Lastly, how does not charging or charging too little hold you back?

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