If you have an image and its extension to evaluate, you will be able to understand any kind of change would be possible, and if you need to edit it so that there is an obligation to convert to another format. OCR tool is specially designed to make this work and is considered the classification of the many extensions in a simple way in a matter of seconds.

Programs for optical character recognition generally work better with pictures of books and print copies of computer-generated laser and inkjet printers. Some documents are not suitable for conversion to editable format. Images of poor quality or other problems should be identified to determine whether the OCR is good for your project. Some of them are:

The first reason is that handwritten or hand-stamped leaves are not suitable for automatic processing. Pages of notes and deletions produce a high error rate. Additionally, the original with a combination of text, photographs and images tend to the problems of recognition, but usually can be corrected by manual adjustment.

The second reason is that analysis of ancient documents that lost contrast, brightness and color definition is not an optimal result. In addition, the pages generated by fax machines and dot matrix printers typically provide poor results.

The third reason is that hard copies typed on a typewriter with a ribbon worn punches and plates put in characters of light is to good results with OCR. In the late 1980s, computer applications for word processing replaced typewriters. However, many archives contain a large number of typewritten pages.

The fourth reason is that stocks of lightweight paper to fold or a distortion, the interference of the scanner is another issue that may arise. Poor quality originals can be scanned on a flatbed scanner or copied on a photocopier to further prevent damage to the original. Another solution is to capture the files with a digital camera. There is no guarantee that the work and extra effort an acceptable output.

The fifth reason is that printed copies without proper formatting and the columns are not suitable for export to Excel. In such cases, it is faster and more accurate manual entry of data. However, scanning in OCR format Excel spreadsheet works well for sheets separated by tabs. Table data should closely resemble the tab CSV - Comma-separated values.

In cases where the originals are not suitable for OCR software, a better solution is to manually enter data. The automated processing does not save resources when you need to go back and correct the results significantly. It is much easier and precise to get it right the first time. You will be surprised to discover that outsourcing your project to a foreign company with scanning services BPO (business process outsourcing) is both a fast and affordable. This is due to labor costs in the sea that manual correction and enter profitable is lower.

I hope now you understand all the things about the OCR Conversion services or OCR Software and still if you don’t understand clearly then visit any of the websites which I mentioned in author box at the end of this article which will give you properly idea about OCR Scanning Services.

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