Learn Muay Thai and get hooked on martial arts!

Muay Thai is a contact sport that develops standing, with combined techniques of legs, arms, feet, knees, elbows, clinch or sweeps and projections. It is considered as the most effective martial art, in addition to being one of the most used disciplines in MMA. But ... What does this contact sport bring us?

Unlike Kick Boxing, Muay Thai includes some more knee, elbow and clinch techniques. This makes the guard and the distance different although both disciplines complement each other very well.

A Muay Thai fighter can compete in Kick Boxing, and vice versa. However, today we come to talk specifically about Muay Thai, Thai boxing or also known as “The art of the 8 members”.

Everyone who practices it knows that Muay Thai is one of the most magical mixed martial arts there is. You will train the body, cultivate the mind and work with the heart. Even nowadays people getting MuayThai certification and giving MuayThaifitness training because peoples are very much interested in MuayThai.


1. Burn fat and tone your body

One of the most important reasons when doing sports is the impact it will have physically on us. Martial arts are becoming great allies in weight loss, so Thai boxing will be a great ally if you want to burn fat and tone your body. In addition, you will be learning one of the most complete mixed martial arts that exist, so in addition to training, you will learn to fight.

2. Say goodbye to stress

Put on bandages, gloves and get ready for a stress-free session. The sack will be your best friend and the accumulated tensions of everyday life, your new allies. Say goodbye to problems and release all the rage you keep inside. You will be able to release endorphins; you will achieve a great sense of peace after training and you will be able to let off steam and get rid of all the clusters of negativities.

3. Train your mind!

The mind is the strongest muscle we have. If we do not train it, we will not have enough courage and the necessary resistance that this martial art implies. In Muay Thai as in life, we must have confidence in ourselves. That will help us think quickly and make good decisions in thousandths of a second.

4. Martial Arts = Self-Esteem Chute

Mixed martial arts are very fashionable. Contact sports are here to stay because you will get effective results in no time. By burning fat, toning your body and getting to see you better in a few sessions, your self-esteem can only go up.

This is what happens when you start practicing martial arts. By eliminating all those calories, we will reduce our body volume, increase the muscles and therefore increase our self-confidence.

5. Self-defense, wisdom and discipline

When we get involved in an exercise routine, we are somehow being disciplined with ourselves. The fact of practicing mixed martial arts, also helps us improve our self-defense and helps us stay focused. This will create in ourselves a dedication and perseverance with the sport we practice. Muay Thai contributes to unity, companionship and the sense of justice.

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