The new changes to Facebook fan pages were launched to provide solutions to problems that page owners encountered and to enhance to look and usefulness of fan pages. With many new and exciting features to maximize fan page effectiveness, now is the time to start using iFrames.

The new Iframe style has great potential for dressing up fan pages. The growth and benefit potential of their new iFrames style far surpasses any growing pains fan page owners might encounter. If you currently operate a Facebook fan page and worry about what iFrames will mean for you, consider the exciting possibilities that are now at your fingertips by making the switch to iFrames:
1. Your page can become a mini website. With the new tab features available with iFrames, your fan page can now be so much more than ever before. Allowing you to enhance and customize your fan page with endless variations, you can now use your fan page as a natural extension of, or in place of, a traditional website. Add multiple pages, videos, links…the possibilities are endless with iFrames!

2. Fan pages can now reflect your style. Forget the cookie-cutter fan pages of last year; today’s iFrames on Facebook allow you to create a customized fan page. Imagine a fan page that resembles your website style with logos, background images and elements that incorporate your brand’s image.

3. iFrames make things fair. In the past, fan page owners were more or less at the mercy of the designers they hired to create their fan pages. These fan page creators held the key to the codes that made up the page and could make changes at their discretion, as well as make money by incorporating links that led page visitors to their own business pages. In essence, page designers had the power to essentially hold page codes hostage and page owners were paying the price. With iFrames, you can now eliminate the middleman and host the code on your own website!

4. Less overall cost for professional design. Due to the complexity of design challenges less tech-savvy page owners may encounter, many fan pages are now being designed by professionals who understand iFrames and the marketing potential behind them. Though this additional cost may seem prohibitive to some, the good news is that it is a one-time fee and the designer will plant the code on your website. No more monthly storage fees to page creators make it easy to justify outsourcing design to an affordable graphic design professional.

5. Conduct sales transactions right on the page. iFrames now allow what many fan page owners have long desired: the opportunity to conduct sales right from their fan page! Page visitors used to have to click a link to take them to an independent website in order to place an order, but no longer. With iFrames, customers can now browse galleries of images with detailed product descriptions, add what they love to their virtual shopping cart and check out without ever leaving your page! It’s a timesaver for shoppers and a great money-making tool for fan page owners.

Though the changes may include a bit of a learning curve, the benefits of iFrames is clear: endless customization, easier navigation, less hassle and more money in your pocket! Make the change to iFrames style today and see for yourself why change can be good!

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Candy Sugarman earned her degree in Psychology from U.C.L.A. and worked in a variety of industries utilizing a wide-range of skills, for the last two decades. She began her virtual assistant practice in 2007 by offer real estate agents administrative support and internet marketing. Intrigued by the increase in popularity in Social Media, Candy earned her Certification in Social Media marketing from VA Classroom. With a love of learning, she quickly sought out and obtained her certification in Social Network Design, Online Video skills and as well as Virtual Event Specialist Certification.

With a deep desire to help entrepreneurs and small business owners understand and master online marketing, she created PlayBig Online Marketing. Due to the fast-paced changes in the online marketing world, she is able to use her ability to adapt and learn quickly to offer the very latest and best to her clients. Never content with the status quo, she is always searching and learning ways to improve processes, systems, and create automation whenever possible to deliver to her clients the very best in an efficient and successful manner.