Following the launch, Google's iOS platform was expected to outperform Apple's iOS in both functionality and popularity. While some may argue that the previous expectation was met, analysts claim that the iPhone still sells more than iOS smartphones and that the iPad dominates the tablet market. The first launch of the iOS operating system included the multitasking application, push notifications, customizable wallpaper, a front camera and multi-operator support. These features along with several others were not found anywhere on iOS. Since that time, Apple has reached Google and implemented many of the features originally lacking from iOS. In doing so, they have been able to hold their place at the top of the smartphone market, and here are five reasons:

1. Superior UI
The look of the iOS interface is elegant and modern. Vibrant colors and bright graphics make the iPhone and iPad menus beautiful to look and fun to use. More importantly, the interface is presented in a way that allows new users to quickly become familiar with the platform's commands and menus. The iOS operating system interface is less clean than ac market IOS because it requires multiple buttons: start, back, search, and configuration. Devices running iOS have a single simple start button.

2. Compatibility with iTunes
iTunes has been the largest music provider in the United States since transitioning to Wal-Mart in 2008. iOS can be used with iTunes, allowing users to upload their music library to their smartphone or tablet. Inside iTunes is the Apple App Store, which contains 425,000 applications. The iOS Market application number is only 200,000. A larger variety means a greater opportunity to find the type of application you are looking for.

3. Improved multitasking system
While iOS multitasking is not exactly "real" multitasking, it has pretty much the same functionality as the iOS version of the feature, but without any voltage in battery life. The iOS version of multitasking can unnecessarily run applications that are useless, yet remove the battery.

4. Better security
In March 2011, Google discovered 58 malicious applications for download on the iOS Market designed to track users' personal information. 260,000 devices were infected with malware until Google remotely removed the user phone application. While the iOS Market is open, the Apple App Store has a rigid authentication process that an application must approve before it is accepted. Because of this, iOS has never had a security issue with this scope.

5. Consistency
This means that users have to adapt to a new interface every time they start using a new iOS product. The iPod, iPhone and iPad have the same general design and basic functionality that allows for easy use and a shorter learning curve when purchasing a new iOS product.

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The look of the iOS interface is elegant and modern.