Vitamin A is a term that is usually given to fat-soluble Compounds that are highly important for Humans and their Health. They are needed for the proper functioning of many processes in your body like healthy vision, robust immunity system and for the proper functioning of Organs.

The Recommended Amount of Vitamin A for children and adolescents is 300 to 600 mcg and for Adults, it is 900 mcg for Men, and 700 mcg for Women. These Vitamin A compounds are found in plant food and in animals and come in two types:

  • Preformed Vitamin A.
  • Pro-Vitamin A.

Preformed Vitamin A is also known as the active form of this Vitamin which means that your body can use just as it is. It is present in Animal Products like Chicken, meat, dairy, and fish. This includes the Compounds Retinol, Retinal, and Retinoic Acid.

Provitamin A Carotenoids is the inactive form of Vitamin found in Plants and includes alpha-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin and beta-carotene. These compounds are converted into an active form in your body.

Business Executives, the busy and hardworking people. Always trying hard to squeeze the most of their time. Always hard at work to increase the returns on investment and always thinking and discussing everything from new business opportunities to sources of finance to back these opportunities.

In order to keep up with their duties and to stay in the game Business related people required proper intake of Vitamins. Business Executives should ensure a balanced and healthy diet in order to keep that competitive edge because your Business relies on you, it cannot work on itself. Let’s take a look at five benefits of Vitamin A for Business Executives:


  • Healthy Eyes:


Business Executives are most of the time in front of a computer or working on a paper. That can stress their eyes even more than other people. Vitamin A is essential for preserving your eyesight. This vitamin is responsible for converting the light that hits on your eyes into electrical signals that are sent to the brain for interpretation. 

One of the first effects of deficiency of Vitamin A is Night Blindness. People with this disease can see normally in a day but struggle to look properly at night time. This is because their eyes struggle to pick up light at lower levels.

Eyes are a great asset to business people. Their eyes can have an aging effect at a faster rate than other people. However, with a proper intake of beta-carotene, this aging effect on Eyes can be slowed down.


  • Safeguard against Cancers:


Diseases and treatments are expensive. The last thing a Business Executive wants is to waste his hard-earned money on treatments for diseases like Cancer. Cancer is caused when abnormal cells grow or if they divide in an uncontrolled manner. Vitamin A plays a vital role in the growth and development of Cells. According to Studies, getting a proper amount of Vitamin A can greatly decrease the risk of cancers like lungs, cervical and bladder cancer.

Getting Vitamin A from Plant Foods is better associated with reducing risks of cancers than getting Vitamin A from Animal Foods. Getting Vitamin A from supplements has also shown beneficial effects in this regard.


  • Robust Immunity System:


Business People are always busy. Sometimes they are too busy to give proper attention to their diet or towards what they are eating as food. In such cases, if the Immunity System is not good enough they can get sick easily. Also, Business related people work under all types of conditions, this calls for a robust immunity system. Vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining your body’s natural defenses. This defense system includes the mucus barriers in your lungs, eyes, and genitals. This helps in trapping infectious Agents and Bacteria. 

Vitamin A also boosts the production and functioning of White Blood Cells. These help in capturing and clearing pathogens and bacteria from the blood. So all this means that deficiency of Vitamin A can increase the susceptibility of your body to infections and sickness can decrease your ability to work great.


  • Thinking Capabilities:


One of the most crucial jobs of Business Executives is to think and focus on issues at hand. Their brain needs to be fully focused and healthy so the decisions they make are beneficial for the Business. Vitamin A has been found to aid learning and memory in VAD rodents. It can also decrease the aging effect on the brain's ability to focus and think. This alone greatly signifies the importance of Vitamin A for Business Executives.


  • Healthier Bones:


Longer Sittings, Longer Working Hours and other such conditions are normal for Business Executives. They really need to have strong and healthy bones to cope up with such things because they cannot work properly with a back-ache or with some other pain. The Key Nutrients for Bones are Calcium, Protein and Vitamin D. However, getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin A is also essential for proper bone development and the growth and deficiency of Vitamin A are linked to the Poor Bone Health.

Vitamin A is an essential Vitamin for everyone but here we have tried to elaborate on how important it is for Business Executives especially. However, care should be taken as consuming too much Vitamin A can be harmful to your body.

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