It is no secret that many manufacturers of modern techniques tend to “start too soon” just to create demand among consumers for its products, as well as supporting the prestige of its own brand and its popularity. However, this often leads to appearance more and more new models of mobile phones, televisions, computers and other kinds of techniques that some differ from the earlier. At the same time, production of equipment often begins with using irrelevant needs by present day. Of course, this first comes to TVs with 3D technology, which is a popular modern feature of video.
How can it be? All well-known and large companies widely advertise the achievements of television with the 3D technology. These companies are Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Philips. In stores today presented a huge choice of TVs with Full HD 3D features, which offer pleasure that could be compared to the 3D films at the cinema. It could not be that it was just a publicity stunt for increasing sales of television sets. Do not immediately give up on advanced technologies, but money is not always needed to invest in every new product that appears on the market. There are several reasons why not to hurry with the buying of 3D TV.

1. High price.
Initially, 3D TV sets have a very high price, like any technique, which are a novelty on the market. Do you remember the first cell phones or digital cameras? Not everyone could allow buying them. However, when this new feature has spread to the masses, then the competition between producers and reducing the cost of production lowered the price to an acceptable level.

2. Using the 3D glasses.
Although 3D television has not yet become a part of our life, everybody already knows how to watch 3D TV. You need to buy special 3D glasses. By the way, they have different configurations and are usually suitable only for special models of 3D TVs. In addition, you should choose the glasses with suitable size. Moreover, if guests have come to you, please find a couple of free glasses for them, otherwise, a joint watching of the 3D film becomes highly questionable.

3. 3D glasses need constant recharging.
The watching of 3D movie on your TV with the 3D glasses can be interrupted for another reason. The glasses have the limited battery power. 3D glasses work from an external battery or internal rechargeable battery.

4. Unexplored health problems.
3D TVs test shows that many people may have trouble by watching. Our eyes are still not used to getting constant pressure from images of the 3-D format, so after the film you may have headaches and eye pain. Watch movies in 3D TV is not recommended for people who suffer from heart disease, suffering from epileptic seizures and intoxication, as well as pregnant women.

5. The absence of three-dimensional television and few 3D movies.
Inexplicably, but the fact is that there is nothing to watch on all Full HD 3D TVs yet produced. America and Great Britain still have several channels in 3D broadcasting. Russia has not these features. In addition, you cannot still buy the 3D movies in the stores.

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