It’s no secret that a classic diamond ring steals the show when selecting your engagement ring. You now have more than one option to choose from: you can either go for natural earth mined diamond or for a man-made diamond

Lately, more and more couples have been opting for man-made diamonds. The reason is that they are less expensive and exhibit the same sparkle, shine, and durability with a variety of designs and styles to choose from. 

However, getting a man-made engagement diamond ring is tough, especially with so much conflicting information. Whether you are a bride or picking out a ring for your partner, we’ve gathered some useful information that may be helpful for you to understand this new option better. 

What are Man-Made Diamonds? 

They are real diamonds and are grown inside a lab. For growing the lab diamonds, scientists recreate the same conditions like pressure, heat, and carbon that result in diamond growth underneath the earth. 

Man-Made or Lab Grown Diamonds are not Fake. 

Often, you hear things like man-made diamonds shouldn’t be used in an engagement ring setting because they are fake. The truth is these diamonds are real and not fake. Lab-grown diamonds are pure carbon, just like mined carbon, and possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties. 

Man-Made Diamonds Are Cheaper Than Mined- Diamonds 

Technically, man-made diamonds and mined diamonds are the same. However, you can still save 40-60 percent with man-made diamonds. If you’re looking for a colored diamond, you can save much more.  

Man-Made Diamonds Are Eco-Friendly And Sustainable. 
What if both you and your future wife would be able to enjoy an engagement ring that is guilt-free. And how immensely pleasing it would be for both of you that the diamond setting of the ring didn’t cause damage to any plant, animal, or human. Man-made diamonds do not require digging the mines and using a large amount of fossil fuel. The labs where these diamonds are grown usually use less energy and thus carry less burdens on the environment. 

Higher Purity Ratings  

Since man-made diamonds are grown under carefully controlled conditions, they do not possess any dirt or impurities and show fewer defects in their crystal structure. The result is a brighter,cleaner and whiter diamond.  

Add the Desired Color to Your Engagement Ring Setting. 

If your fiancée is unique (we are sure she is), you can surprise her by adding a unique twist in the engagement ring setting, the setting of the color diamond in the ring. Since natural-colored diamonds are very rare and so it’s very hard to afford them. However, it’s more accessible than ever to grow colored diamonds in a lab. Also, the color is more vibrant and steadier because they are being constantly inspected in the lab. Not to mention the price is significantly lower than their natural counterparts.  

Now that you have a clear idea about man-made diamonds, you can choose and even design an engagement ring setting for your partner. Getting a man-made diamond and setting it in your engagement ring is something new and exciting. You can be a trendsetter by owning this kind of diamond. However, many couples still prefer traditional, naturally found diamonds. The decision is up to you. Choose whatever options suit you the best, and don’t allow anyone to trip you into buying something that you wouldn’t love.

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