Does your house use a septic tank? This type of waste management is very different from using your municipal waste management system, so you need to be aware of the problems that may arise. Although it is possible to empty a septic tank yourself, this is certainly not the best idea. Instead, you should call a septic pumping service and allow them to deal with the dirty work.

Why use a septic tank cleaning service

Besides the fact that it is not easy to empty a septic tank yourself, there are a series of reasons that you should consider hiring a septic tank service to handle the job for you.

Avoid health risks: pumping and fixing a septic tank is not a healthy job for obvious reasons. If you don’t have the right equipment, you can do a lot of harm. Contact with wastewater is not recommended and many bacteria and viruses could be brewing in the muck. It’s a much better idea to let the professionals take care of everything because they have the experience and equipment to stay safe.

Proper disposal: What do you do with septic tank wastewater and contents? This is a big problem for all DIYers. Professional pumping services have treatment centres where they can unload the waste, but the average person has nowhere it, resulting in enormous chaos and even greater health risks.

Convenience: Do you really want to spend a day or two pumping all the waste from the sewage system and finding a place where everything can be disposed of? It’s really not a good idea, but it’s convenient if you allow a septic company to take care of everything for you.

Cheap: If you want to pump your own septic tank, you have to do a lot of work. You also have to rent or buy your own equipment, which can cost thousands of pounds. It is much easier and cheaper to hire a company. They also get there faster because they can afford bigger and more efficient machines.

Timeliness: it is important to empty the septic tank before it worsens, and the task is better left to the professionals. Too many things can go wrong if you try to do it yourself, so this is something that just needs to be done by an expert.

Septic Tank Maintenance

You don't want to handle all the unpleasant side effects of an ineffective septic system? This requires you to regularly maintain your tank. This is relatively simple and allows you to go longer between cleaning and pumping operations.

Maintain the area around the tank and pipes clean and free from tree roots. Even bushes can result in root damage and may not be the best choice to plant near a septic field. They grow quickly and the roots can damage the pipes and the tank. When selecting the trees, ask the nursery where you buy them if there is a minimum distance to keep from the septic tank

It is also important not to overload your septic tank, which means you should not add too much fluid at the same time. For example, instead of washing several loads of clothing, try to spread them out over several days. This gives the waste time to settle solids and leach the liquid off into the yard.

You should also avoid putting anything heavy on the septic tank. For example, never park your car there, place concrete or build a shed on it. This can lead to cracks and even total collapse.

Chemicals and non-biodegradable soaps have no place in a septic tank. They can actually kill the beneficial bacteria in the tank and prevent things from decomposing. Make sure you take the time to check what’s in your cleaning products before you use them.

Avoid putting anything in the toilet that would not decay easily. Feminine hygiene products, diapers, cigarette butts and wet towels are just some of the things you should not allow to go into your septic tank.

Signs Your tank Requires to be Emptied

When do you call the septic tank pros? It’s better to do it before you have serious problems, so if you know the signs, you’ll get your tank pumped before something big happens. Here’s what you need to look out for:

Pooled water: If your garden contains puddles of wastewater, there's probably a bit of overflow. The solid waste increases to the point of blocking the system and leaving the liquid on the ground.

Greener grass: when your grass around the septic tank looks greener and healthy, it’s actually a bad sign. If you see the grass blossoming, maybe it’s time to hire someone to empty the tank.

Unpleasant odors: a tank that requires emptying does not smell good. If you notice the smell of sewage in your home, you might want to look at the septic tank to see if it needs cleaning.

If you have a septic tank, learn to maintain it properly. If you do, you will avoid many potential problems in the future. It’s about learning and regularly examining your tank.

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