Sometimes we get completely overwhelmed by the choices we have to make in our lives. We can feel overloaded by logical information, and we can get caught up in fear-based indecision! It can seem overwhelmingly scary, and just too much to handle! The good news is, we can all have our own incredible inner psychic guidance, that we can access at any time.

Psychic mediums spend a lot of time providing life guidance to their clients on a myriad of topics, from romance to work-life! But spiritual mediums also can them people how they can tap into their inner guidance on their own and for free!

Here are five practical strategies you can try to access your own inner spiritual guidance system, and learn to call on it at any time.

Feeling the energy pull.

An incredibly simple way to narrow down your gut feelings about something to learn to feel where your energy is pulling you.

Begin by sitting comfortably on a chair or the floor, with your back nice and straight. Narrow it down to your two top options. Imagine option one on your right side and option two on your left side. Sit quietly, and feel which side your energy is pulling you towards. This helps to tap into your inner gut feeling and to bring it through in a simple and clear way.

Automatic Writing

Another way to receive divine guidance is to do some automatic writing. Grab a pen and start writing whatever comes into your mind, it might take you a while to start, but you'll find that things will begin to flow and when you look back over what you have written, you might be surprised at the wisdom you have channelled from your spirit guides and own inner wisdom.

Asking yourself "How does this feel?'

If something doesn't feel right, then it generally isn't. Our bodies know and attempt to alert us to situations and outcomes that are not right for us. Our bodies are incredible. Think back to a time when you were alerted that something didn't feel right and that gut feeling was warranted. Take note of as many of these situations as possible, the more you recognised the intelligence of your body, and you're intuition, the easier it will be for you to begin listening to it.

So ask yourself, how do I feel about this potential outcome? How does it make me feel? Access those gut feels, and pay attention!

Ask your spirit guides outright!

Another little trick you can use is directly asking my spirit guides for guidance. Start a meditation to clear your mind and then quietly ask about something you need spiritual advice on, and then take note of all that enters my mind, as guidance from the divine.

The Heaviness of the Hands.

Similar to the energy pull exercise, this exercise is another way to get a more physical feeling when it comes to accessing your guidance and making decisions.

Start by holding your hands in front of you, palms relaxed and facing the ceiling. Imagine option one is in your left hand, and option two is in your right hand. Close your eyes, settle your mind and feel which hand starts to feel heavier. You may even notice one hand drops lower than the other. If still unsure, swap options and hands and see if you get the same answer each time.

Try them out and see which feels right for you. It's important to remember that your intuition is a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it becomes. Practise this psychic guidance, and you might be surprised how simple gaining this inner wisdom can become.

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