Being a transformation coach is much more than just a job. It is a rewarding career that will not only help you succeed in your own endeavors, but will also allow you to help countless people reach their goals as well. It doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult, or confusing either. By utilizing basic principles and following five straightforward steps, you will be able to confidently conduct a transformational coaching session with your clients. 

The five steps you will need are listed as follows:

• Make a vibrational shift
• Support
• Make Peace
• Become Aware

While the list is not at all complicated, there is a bit more to understand about each of the steps. Let’s look at them individually.

Make a vibrational shift
When a client comes to you in a session and is feeling stuck or triggered.. the first thing that they may expect is to be given idea on how to take an action to solve their seeming issue. They anticipate a difficult laundry list of things they need to accomplish or change about themselves to meet their goals. While action is very important in this process, it is not the first step when your client seems stuck. First, and foremost, you must help the client to make a vibrational shift. This must be done prior to even discussing taking any action. This shift will allow them to align their energy with the goals in which they want to reach.

Once the client has successfully made a vibrational shift (and we teach you how to help them do that in our two day program how to be a successful transformational coach) it is important to support them in this shift. By giving your support, you will encourage and empower them to continue to make shifts in their perceptions and their energies around the story they are telling themselves. This is a vital role that the transformational coach plays in the progression of the client’s transformation. 

Make Peace
As odd as it may sound, the third step is really a way to set your client free from oppression and anxieties that are holding them back from their goals. In this part of the session, you will be working to help the client make peace with themselves and where they are currently at. Many people want to become angry and resentful at their current standing, instead of embracing it as a starting point. Once peace is made, however, the shifts begin to take on a new meaning and inspire the client to begin to want to take action.

Become Aware
Moving into step four will almost come automatically. Once a client has truly made peace with their current standing, it only takes a bit of guidance from their transformational coach for them to become fully aware of their shifting perceptions. As they gain this sense of awareness, it will be much easier for them to identify and utilize it in the future.

It was said earlier that action was important to the process. After your client has completed the first four steps, they are now ready to take an action step. As their transformational coach, you will use step five to empower them to complete the necessary actions. To do this, you will first want to align the client with an action step that they feel good about. Continue to provide support and motivation until they are ready to move forward on their own.

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Wilson is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at The Coaching from Spirit Institute. CFSI offers three tracks of training to support entrepreneurs and others to accomplish their business, career and life goals.

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