If you want prosperity, where do you start? It is no secret that we all want it, but how do we get it? Here is a list of FIVE things you can do to get well on the road to prosperity right now:

1.Visualize it. The Universe can't give you what you don't define. It's like asking your mother what she wants for her birthday. My mom gave me the "mom response" time and again. "I want your love!" And I'd respond with, "NO- something I can buy you, mom!" It was hard to find something for her when she had no clue what she wanted. The same is true of the Universe. It can't deliver if you don't tell it what you want. Take some time to visualize exactly what you want...exactly what you want your life to look like. That includes your job, your family, your house, your car...everything. Visualize it and get specific. Don't be afraid. The Universe isn't afraid of you.

2.Figure out your hang-ups. We all have them. Let's say you have wanted prosperity, but have never been able to achieve it. What is the problem here? Most likely there is some hang-up that maybe even you don't know about. You would be surprised at how much we talk ourselves out of via our inner dialogue. I'll give you a common example. Let's say a person wants to buy a new expensive coat. Their inner dialogue goes like this: "I love this coat and I'd love to have it...but I can't afford it." Look at the progression there... they started off excited about finding a coat they loved, but then like a balloon being deflated they brought that excitement down with the follow up phrase. It's no wonder they put the coat back on the rack and leave with the same coat they have had for two winters now. The key to changing this is to find out what your hang-ups are. Do you throw out dreams and then squash them immediately with negative phrases? Thoughts are energy. If you put out one super-positive thought, but then immediately follow it up with a super-negative one, guess what happens to that energy? It's like adding +1 and -1. They cancel eachother out and you end up with zero.

3.Change your hang-ups. Sound difficult? The key is to start listening and paying attention. Listen to your thoughts throughout the day when you get a "brilliant idea" or see something you "love." Listen to what you are telling yourself about actually having what you envision. If it's negative, then you have some work to do. The good news though is that if you start catching your thought process venturing off into negative-land, you are well on your way to changing it. Once you realize it, stop yourself. Stop yourself dead in your tracks and start sticking with that positive thought it began with. It may not be easy, but dispell the negative. Reject it. Push it out. Replace it. Instead of looking at that "beautiful coat" and thinking negatively, think, "I am in it and look fabulous!" Let it come to you...more on this later...

4.Be grateful. Did you ever have to talk to someone who is completely negative? You see their life as an outsider and think, "They got it pretty good!" but they don't see it. Let's say you have a child who desperately wants an iPhone, but already has a phone better than yours. Are you going to rush out and get him or her the iPhone when they aren't grateful for what you already bought them? Most likely, no. The Universe loves grateful receivers. Take time throughout your day to stop and say, "Thank you." Thank the Universe for your job, your family, your life right now as it is...you would be surprised at how much being grateful can push you forward in your life and quest for change. Practice being happy and satisfied. It is a sure fire way to keep yourself open to more blessings.

5.Take inspired action. This is where some people get tripped up. Some people believe that they don't have to DO anything to receive. This isn't entirely true. For example, I had a friend once who said she wanted to get married. That was her goal in life. So what did she do? She sat at home every weekend with her family. How far do you think she got? Well...it's five years later and she's still watching movies on Friday nights with the folks. The point here is that if she wants to get married, she has to get out and meet people...give them a chance...date...and then see what happens. If she doesn't do that, she is on the road to staying in the same place for many years to come. Here's the thing about inspired action. It is real. You know it. This is where you have to have some faith in yourself and in the Universe. Again- pay attention and you are going to find little directional road signs that tell you where to go and what to do. Keep your eyes open and it will come.

I heard a statement once: "Everything you are looking for is looking for you." How comforting! So the point is to define what you want, find and change the blocks, reman grateful and finally take inspired action. Take these five steps to prosperity and use them the next time you decide you want something. You may be surprised at how quickly and easily the Universe rushes to work with you.

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Anya Dee is a Chicago writer with experience in the field of self-help and Law of Attraction. If you want a personal consltation or to find more resources, check out: http://www.MyCoachAnya.com.