Addiction can have a terrible influence on your life. It can destroy your health, your mind and your relationships. It can be impossible to hold a job and live a normal life when you are an addict. You must take action once you realize the addiction is a problem. Here are five steps to take if you are struggling with addiction.

Identify and Avoid Your Triggers
The first step is to start identifying your triggers. Most people have specific triggers that will lead to addictive behaviors. These triggers could be locations, things you do during the day or psychological factors. Some triggers include idle periods at night, excessive amounts of stress and visiting locations where you usually take part in the addictive behaviors. Avoid those triggers at all costs. Change your routines, take up constructive hobbies and start doing new things to steer clear of situations that could bring on your addiction.

Avoid Others with Addiction Issues
If you are struggling with addiction, then you might have friends or family members with the same problems. You need to start avoiding other people with addiction issues. This generally means reducing contact with the person whenever possible. Other people who are abusing substances or doing harmful things could easily influence you to return to the bad behavior. Stay away from people with addiction issues until you have dealt with your own problems.

Begin Living a Healthier Lifestyle
Many forms of addiction from alcoholism to prescription drug abuse will take a serious toll on your mind and body. You need to begin living a healthier lifestyle once you realize your addiction is a problem. This means eating a nutritious diet, sleeping enough each night and getting at least a small amount of exercise. A healthier lifestyle will make it easier for your body to recover and will put you in a more positive mental state.

Start Building a Support Network
A step you must take is to start building a support network to help you recover from your addiction. A support network is a group of trustworthy people who know you have addiction issues and who are willing to help in either minor or major ways. These can be friends, family members or even professionals addiction specialists. A support network will be there to provide help throughout the years whenever you reach a difficult period where you might fall back into your addiction.

Get Professional Treatment As Soon As Possible
An important step is to get into professional treatment as soon as possible. A good option is to go to a recovery center where you can get the most support. Professional recovery will address your specific triggers, underlying problems and addictive behaviors. You will learn how to avoid destructive actions and replace them with constructive ones. Professional treatment through a recovery center is the single best way to break the cycle of addiction.

You never want to allow addiction to overtake your life. You must seek out help and start changing your life as soon as possible. Getting into treatment, identifying supportive friends and staying away from your triggers are all effective ways to reclaim your life and overcome your addiction.

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