I was talking with a new client the other day and in the middle of the conversation her voice started to quiver as she tearfully related her biggest challenge: feeling overwhelmed. It appears to be an epidemic among both new and seasoned women entrepreneurs. The demands for our time, attention, and energy seem never ending and exhausting.

Whether you are just starting out in your business or have been at it awhile, there are practical tips and strategies that can help you tame the overwhelm ogre and get you back into clarity, focus, and productivity.

So what exactly is “overwhelm”? Overwhelm is what we feel when there is too much on our plate, we have no idea what or where to start first, and we fear that we will never, ever be able to get it all done.

Here are 5 quick and easily implemented tips that you can use when you feel yourself sliding or falling headlong into overwhelm.

1. Change your language. If you are saying “I am completely overwhelmed” change it to “I am feeling overwhelmed”. It’s much easier to change a feeling rather than a state of being. Acknowledging that you feel overwhelmed immediately gives you back some control of the situation.

2. Know your triggers. Too little sleep, over committing, not setting boundaries, control issues, stress, being a perfectionist, hunger, multitasking are just a few of the more common triggers among women. We often set ourselves up for overwhelm simply by not practicing self awareness and knowing the circumstances and situations that are warning signs.

3. Stop multitasking. Lack of clarity and focus are two of the biggest hallmarks of the feeling of overwhelm. Not everything on your plate has an equal priority level. You may think it does, but it really does not. Figure out what is the highest priority activity and devote singular focus to it for whatever amount of time you think it deserves.

4. Just say no. I know it’s hard, truly I do, but it is essential that you establish personal boundaries and stop saying yes to the things you really do not want to do. If you have a difficult time with this starting out, give yourself a 24 hour cushion before saying yes to an activity that gives you pause. Continuing to do the things that drain your energy will keep you in the spin cycle of overwhelm.

5. Make sure that your environment is set up to support you. Notice your natural energy cycles. What times of the day do you feel at your best and most productive? Do you really need quiet to concentrate or do you like background noise? Respect your own personal style of working and your energy base and structure your schedule and your environment to support you.

These are just a few tips that can help you get your overwhelm under control. Take a deep breath and remember that feelings of overwhelm are based on your past experiences or what you expect to happen in the future. Stay in the here and now and there’s no room for overwhelm to stake it’s claim on you.

Author's Bio: 

Danielle Miller is the CEO of Danielle M Miller Intl. and Founder of Smart Cookie Coaching, companies dedicated to empowering women worldwide to create the life they crave. A former teacher with a background in special education, counseling, personal development, and sales, she is a career coach, advisor, and mentor for creative, right brained women who hunger to do what they love, focusing on energy management, career purpose, and doing it all with style and grace. She combines left brained strategy with right brain intuition and inspiration to help women find that ultimate 'sweet spot' of work/life blend that we all crave.