Protein Powder helps in quick repair of our muscle tissues as it contains amino acids in huge amounts. Protein powder is very important for muscle buildup and also for good health especially for people in the sports field. Their muscles get tired through every day workouts and a good protein powder is all that is needed to rectify them. With so many types and brands of protein powder available in the market, you might be confused in picking the best one. The following are few tips that will help you in picking a good protein powder.

Dietary Factors

First and foremost point to be taken into consideration is the purpose for protein powder. There are a number of protein powders and each one has different composition. Not all of them are the same and will not serve the similar purpose. You may have come across mass gainers in the market. These protein powders contain proteins, carbohydrates as well as fat. Though the entire ingredient in a mass gainer is essential for body building, if you are looking for only protein powder, this mass gainer will not help you. It contains more fats which will add up you calories count. A good protein powder is one that is low in fat and carb and has high content of only protein.

Natural Ingredients

Look for the ingredients list in the pack and make sure that it contains only natural ingredients. Many manufacturers now bring out very attractive advertisement stating that their powders contain extra supplement to give you instant energy and so on. Never fall for such promotional offers as they may be hazardous to health. Instant stuff could be done only through artificial ingredients and it will also inflate the cost of the products. Though in the short run such artificial additives might give you the desired result, but in the long run it might affect your health majorly. So, choose only natural ingredients with no artificial additives whatsoever.

Reputed Brands

With so many players entering in the market, there are higher chances of low-quality products finding place in them. So, make sure you select only protein powder that is manufactured by reputed brands. This requires prudence on your part as you may base your decisions on various factors. You could check out the reviews on the net or get the references from your friends who have used protein powder. All this will help you squaring down on a best brand protein powder. As test of time, you could select the one that has been in the industry for a long time, say three years. This means that the consumers have found the product to be good and effective.

Types of Protein

There are basically three types of proteins based on the way it's ingest. Concentrate is absorbed by the body at a medium level and they are mainly consumed at breaks. Isolate protein is very quickly absorbed by the body and it is best to consume them after a hectic workout session. Casein takes longest time to be absorbed and they are taken at bed time. Based on the type that is required by you; make a good selection of protein powder.


Price also is a major consideration in selecting the protein powder. As a matter of fact, it must be understood that not all highly priced protein powder are the best. Inevitably, there are also protein powders that will suit all your dietary requirements and yet are available at affordable prices. Certain products are priced on the higher side because they might contain other substances like glutamine, vitamin complexes, and so on. So, if you are looking for just protein powder, you will get them at prices well within your expected budget.

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