Eating disorders effect thousands of people every year. Many people do not receive diagnosis until they have a critical health problem related to their disorder. By that point, they may require extensive help to work through the disorder and emerge into a healthier place both mentally and physically. There are a few things to consider if you or a loved one needs inpatient help. Let's look at what those considerations are and how you can assess them.

One major consideration for selecting an eating disorder treatment facility is the level of treatment you or your loved one needs. Treatment facilities have acute medical services to help those that have reached a medical crisis. This is especially critical for patients with anorexia nervosa who have lost so much weight their life is in danger. Other disorders cause mental instability that might also require acute medical intervention. For other patients going to a residential or freestanding treatment facility is sufficient if their life is not at risk.

Another consideration for selecting an eating disorder treatment facility is whether your insurance covers the costs associated. If your insurance policies do not cover eating disorders, you may need to find a facility that you can afford. If your insurance does cover eating disorders, they may have preferred facilities. You may have to select one from their list in order to have coverage. A third consideration for choosing a facility is what types of eating disorders they usually treat. Choosing a facility that specializes in anorexia may not be the best selection for a binge eater or bulimic.

When selecting an eating disorder treatment facility knowing whether they offer services that deal with underlying mental disorders or traumas that might have led to the eating disorder developing is very important. Many facilities only treat the disease, not the underlying issues. It is important to find a facility that will deal with the entire patient profile. Well equipped facilities may also help patients through drug or alcohol detox as part of their treatment. A final consideration to look at when selecting a facility is whether they offer services to men and women. While most diagnosed patients are women, a number of men have eating disorders as well. Taking the time to assess the facility will help you make the right choice.

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