Have you ever mowed your lawn? Many people have the expertise but lack enough time for this gardening activity. If you want to stop depending on a hired gardener all the times, learn how to mow your lawn. To begin the learning process, do the following five things.

Get a lawn mower - This equipment can either be bought or borrowed. If you will buy it, consider the size of your lawn first. Is it less than 500 square feet? A reel lawnmower will be perfect for a small territory and it will produce less noise than the electric or gas mowers. Those of you who own bigger lawns should get electric-powered equipment that will mulch and catch grass as it is being operated.

Ensure your mower is working perfectly - If you are going to use an old machine, ensure that it is functional prior to beginning your lawn mowing work. Its blades could be blunt particularly if it has been used continuously for past one year. Blunt blades will make the mowed turf look uneven. There must be companies that can sharpen your mower blades in your area. Perhaps the moving joints of the machine will have to be greased or oiled to reduce friction and noise. Alternatively, you can read tips on how to sharpen mowing machine blades on the internet.

Grass cutting height - Do you have warm season grass? This type of grass will look very neat when trimmed to a height of about a half inch to two inches. This is unlike cold season grass that requires a professional cut of about three to three and a half inches. The lawn mower can trim your grass to any height you want because you only need to lower or raise its wheels by pressing a switch. To understand how this is done, read the manual that came with your equipment. If using borrowed equipment, search for a lawn-mowing chart on the internet to help you determine the perfect height for cutting your turf species.

Back and forth movement - Prior to starting your lawn-mowing gear, use your rake to collect object that could be hiding in the grass. These could get in the mower blades or be dispelled out of the discharge chute. It may cause an abrupt hazard. Also mark stationary items that are buried in the soil. When mowing, try to adapt to a back and forth movement rather than a spiral or a circular movement. Walk quickly to avoid catching grass in the blades because they could clog up. Ensure that you are leaving neat, regular rows behind you. When mowing around a stationary object, like a tree, do one round first in one direction and then repeat in the other direction.

Clean up after trimming - Grass clippings will still be left behind that you can easily catch with your rake. In addition, your mower blades will look untidy and they should be cleaned with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure that you add some oil to the mechanical parts of the equipment to avoid corrosion and friction.
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Adler Conway, the owner of Fox Mowing WA, had received several accomplishments in his 54 years of service. Being an engineer and an expert horticulturist he has done extensive research in the various lawn mowing services in WA.